2010 World Flowboarding Championship Qualifiers


Wave House Durban, South Africa is ready to receive the influx of the world’s best flowriders. This past month, all global Wave House and Flow House™ venues have been busy with their team qualifiers to determine which riders would be flying their respective flags at the FLOW (Flowriding League Of the World) Championships in early October.

The first team to be confirmed was USA, as the Wave Loch FLOW Tour came to an end after a grueling 13-stop season. The season ending championships took place at Camel Beach, PA where Sean Silveira, Nick Nguyen and Vanessa Arroyo dominated the season to earn a spot on the USA FlowRider™ Team. Not long thereafter, Wave House San Diego presented the USA team qualifier where another 4 riders would earn a pot on the Wave House team and join the FlowRider team on their travels to Durban, South Africa. With last years champion Eric Silverman and runner up Greg Lazarus receiving an automatic seed into the event, two more spots on the team were open for the taking which Brandon Stevens and Morgan Just gladly filled. Chris Childers earned his spot as the bodyboarder and Amy Luis will be representing USA in the woman’s division.

The USA/Wave House San Diego team breakdown is as follows:

USA FLOW Team                                                         USA Flowrider Team

Flowboard: Eric Silverman                                      Flowboard: Sean Silveira

Flowboard: Greg Lazarus                                        Bodyboard: Nick Nguyen

Flowboard: Brandon Stevens                                  Female: Vanessa Arroyo

Flowboard: Morgan Just

Bodyboard: Chris Childers

Female: Amy Luis

September 3rd was a busy weekend in the sport of flowriding as Wave House Sentosa, Singapore,  Wave House Santiago, Chile and host venue, Wave House Durban all held their qualifiers. Singapore’s favorite, Billabong team rider Alfian Affandi took first place, with Rip Curl’s Arthur Kor getting that all important 2nd spot. “I am really glad to have emerged in one of the top positions today. Every-one went big today so there’s a lot of pressure throughout the various heats. I am looking forward to Durban and reuniting with the riders from other countries” said Arthur. First time FLOW competitor Vincent Aung took first place in the bodyboard division and Phulyen Tham taking the woman’s division.

While across the southern hemisphere in Durban, local hopefuls were battling it out to earn those spots to represent the hometown team. Both Wesley Fischer and Matt Lammers received automatic seeds into the event due to their 3rd and 4th place finishes in the 2010 Flow Championships, and will be joined by strapless style master Clayton Barker and veteran Paolo Falconer. As expected, Billy Tennant will be flying the flag in the bodyboard division and Sarah Bloch, another first time competitor, will be battling it out in the woman’s division.

We then travel further to  South America where Wave House Chile determined their FLOW team for the third year straight.  Breaking the event up into two day’s helped the riders relax and made sure that they were well rested to battle it out against the other competition including the weather, which proved to be quite challenging.  In the end it was Patricio Polanco who got a spot for the third time in a row followed by the veteran of the Chilean team, Juan Pablo Campos. Also making it for the third time was bodyboarder Claudio Calderon and Nicole Burashci for the woman’s division.

The Asia/ Wave House Sentosa team breakdown below:

Asia FLOW Team                                          Asia FlowRider Team – TBD        October 1st

Flowboard:  Alfian Affandi

Flowboard: Arthur Kor

Bodyboard: Vincent Aung

Female: Phuiyen Tham


The South Africa/Wave House Durban team breakdown below:

Team South Africa                                                     

Flowboard: Matthew Lammers

Flowboard: Wesley Fischer

Flowboard: Clayton Barker

Flowboard: Paolo Falconer

Bodyboard: Billy Tennant

Female: Sarah Bloch


The Chile/Wave House Santiago team breakdown below:

Team Chile                                                                  

Flowboard: Patricio Polanco

Flowboard: Juan Pablo Campos

Bodyboard: Claudio Calderon

Female: Nicole Buraschi

On the weekend of September 10th we travel back up to the northern hemisphere where Wild Wadi water park formed team UAE . With two of the top riders from Team South Africa Billy Tennant and Paolo Falconer judging the competitions, the riders knew that they had to pull out all of their biggest moves and show them what the U.A.E riders are made of, and that is exactly what the crowd favorite and U.A.E national Moh’d Ibrahim did to secure 1st place in the bodyboarding division.

In the stand up division 14 year old Max Sokolov from Russia, who is also Wild Wadi’s sponsored rider, had the crowed glued to their seats with his back flip and clean turns which ranked him 1st place. Coming in 2nd place was one of Wild Wadi’s very own riding instructors, Felino Fontanilla from the Philippines, who pulled off clean air 180’s on the Flowrider and secured his spot in the U.A.E team.

For the girls, the top rider was Clair Reid, who is also from Wild Wadi and represented the U.A.E team in last year’s IFC event and placed 5th.   She will be joining Moh’d Ibrahim, Max Sokolv and Felino Fontanilla in the World FLOW Championships and flying the U.A.E flag high.

Just further north, Flow House Bedford, United Kingdom, held their first ever qualifier championship. Saturday’s competition had 38 competitors all wanting that top spot in their respective divisions. The preliminary rounds lasted most of the day until the final 4 in each division had been decided and it was just the finals left. In the Open Bodyboard it was a three-way battle between Gethin Walters, Ben Stephens & Neil Harrison. In the end though it was Newquay’s Gethin Walters who took the top spot earning himself a place on Team Europe. In the ladies Flowboard division last year’s European winner Morwena Berry once again took the top spot. Finally, the Men’s Flowboard division saw the return of last year’s 2010 International FLOW Championships runner up Quincy Vlijtig. The guys were certainly ready to fight it out though with stunning runs coming from across the field. At the end of the day it boiled down to just 4 riders – Joonas Wikberg (Sweden), Max Walraven(Holland), Sam Butler (UK) and Quincy Vlijtig(Holland). The atmosphere surrounding the final was electric with all the guys laying down some incredible runs. It was, however, local rider Sam Butler who took the top spot defining himself above the others with not only regular tricks but also the addition of switch tricks to his runs.

Sam joins Gethin and Morwena to complete the line up for Team Europe who will now attend the International FLOW championships in Durban SA courtesy of Animal Worldwide Freeride.

Team UAE breakdown below:


Flowboard: Max Sokolov

Flowboard: Felino Fontanilla

Bodyboard: Mohammad Ibrahim Hassan

Female: Claire Reid

Team Europe breakdown below:

Europe FlowRider Team

Flowboard: Sam Butler

Bodyboard: Gethin Walters

Female: Morwenna Berry

So the stage is set. Flowriding teams from all around the globe are going to be invading Wave House Durban, South Africa from October 5th – 9th to compete on the biggest stage in the sport. With the best riders in the world and more than 8 nations being represented at the FLOW Championships, be sure not to miss all the action and get down to Wave House Durban at the Gateway shopping mall, or follow all of the action live on the web at ???????