2011 FLOW Championships US Qualifier Results

2011 FLOW Championships US Qualifier Recap & Results

As the 2011 Flow Championships are just around the corner, Wave House San Diego held a big time qualifier on Saturday, August 27th, to determine which riders would be representing Team USA in the FLOW Championships in Durban South Africa. The best of the best showed up on this warm and sunny afternoon to battle it out and secure those four available spots; 1 female stand up rider, 1 bodyboarder and 2 male stand up riders. Each rider had to show their versatility by riding both the FlowRider ® and the FlowBarrel ® as well as show their skills in both strapped and strapless disciplines.

All the riders seemed amped and the crowd began to form as the ladies began the competition with the Flowboard division on the FlowRider. Top riders Amy Luis and Heather Savant were neck and neck the entire competition, but Amy Luis ended up on top, snagging 1st place and earning herself a spot on the US Team. The judges unanimously agreed that Amy’s riding; effortless switch stance, back flips, and her smooth and solid style on the FlowBarrel ultimately had her standing at the top of the podium. Not to mention that her fiancé (local favorite, Brandon Stevens) had an outstanding chance to advance, and this might have added an extra incentive to the win.

In the bodyboard division, all competitors – Mateo Hernandez, Hayley Balderama, Chris Childers and 1st place winner Tyler Danek – performed impressively as well. It was a two person race between Chris and Tyler on the FlowBarrel, but ultimately it was Tyler’s strength and years of experience on the FlowRider that secured his 1st place ranking.

The men’s stand up division was interesting as Brandon Stevens, a favorite going into the competition, did not disappoint. His consistency and error free runs, not to mention his impressive strapless air maneuvers, secured him 1st place in all three divisions as well as 1st overall. Eric Silverman, judge and former 2010 FLOW Championship winner, commented that Brandon could have a good shot at winning this year’s FLOW championship in Durban.

Trevor Rynberg, another favorite going into the competition, did not perform to his potential and was unable to land his signature double back flip. Morgan Just, a professional skimboarder, was an unexpected surprise at this event. Entering as an “under the radar” competitor, he surprised judges and fellow competitors alike as he landed strapless kickflips, front shuv-its, regular shuv-its, olli 180’s and 360’s, and even a strapless fingerflip on the barrel. Morgan’s ability to crossover his skimboarding skills and apply similar maneuvers to the flowboard, contributed to his outstanding performance at the competition and the runner up finish. Morgan will be joining Brandon, Amy and Tyler in representing Team USA in South Africa in the FLOW Championships.


Expert Stand up
Rider FlowRider Barrel Strapless Barrel Strapped Total Points Place
Brandon Stevens 1,000 1,000 1,000 3,000 1
Morgan Just 860 860 731 2,451 2
Derek Zemen 614 614 860 2,088 3
Trevor Rynberg 563 731 614 1,908 4
Marcus Richardson 731 563 563 1,857 5
Don Swadley 402 402 402 1,206 6


Women’s Stand up
Rider FlowRider Barrel Strapless Barrel Strapped Total Points Place
Amy Luis 1,000 860 1,000 2,860 1
Heather Savant 860 1,000 860 2,720 2
Monica Thatcher 731 731 731 2,193 3
Crystal Paslwasky 614 614 614 1,842 4
Dre Dominguez 563 563 563 1,689 5


Rider FlowRider Barrel Strapless Barrel Strapped Total Points Place
Tyler Danek 1,000 860 1,000 2,860 1
Chris Childers 614 1,000 860 2,474 2
Hayley Balderama 860 731 731 2,322 3
Mateo Hernandez 731 614 614 1,959 4