2011 FLOW Championships Will Follow a New Format

2011 FLOW Championships Will Follow a New Format


With only a little over a month before the biggest FLOW event of the year takes place at Wave House Durban in South Africa, both venues and riders are starting to prepare.

Wave Houses, Flow Houses and other FlowRider ® and FlowBarrel ®venues are holding Qualifier events to determine their region’s best riders while individual riders are practicing non-stop and perfecting their newest tricks.

This will be the third annual FLOW Championships, which brings riders from across the world to one Wave House venue to compete for the title of “FLOW Champion”. For the 2011 FLOW Championships, the decision has been made to break down the competition into three main divisions, each with three disciplines (see below). This new format will bring the best competitors in the world into each of these disciplines, rather than bringing only riders who can compete well in all three disciplines of their division, which ensures that the World Champion in each discipline is truly the best flowrider that we can find on the planet. The competitor who racks up the most total points in a division, will be the Overall FLOW Champion.