2011 FLOW Tour Half Way Mark

FLOW Tour Makes Half Way Mark at Wave House San Diego

What better way to mark the half way point of the Wave Loch FLOW tour than having the 7th stop in America’s playground… Wave House San Diego.

Competitors from across the country flocked down to one of the most popular stops on the tour. With Sun, Sand and of course the FlowBarrel ® wave machine, it is no surprise the hard-core tour travelers made sure that San Diego was on their itinerary. All week long competitors were arriving and getting some practice in before the kick off of the event on Friday, July 8th. The Wave Loch FLOW tour has been considered the grass root of the sport as it provides a platform on which riders can enter flowriding at any level and learn the fundamentals on route to the top. With riders like Sean Silveira and Nick Nguyen heading this group of devoted travelers, it is no surprise that the biggest divisions of the day were junior flowboard and junior bodyboard. The junior division not only had travelers from the United States, but also globetrotter and up and comer Max Sokolov, who flew in from Dubai last week. Unfortunately, his absence from the tour showed as Max ended up in fourth place behind local ripper Daniel Tarapchak and Carter Wood, who placed second in both junior divisions. Nick Sanchez and Cameron Lodge took home the gold in their respective junior divisions.

Also keeping their winning streak alive is Nick Nguyen and Tracy Carroll as they both took first place in Expert bodyboard and Masters bodyboard. Sean Silveira once again “out flowed” Greg Lazarus, Brad Spenser and Nic Nguyen, and took home those all-important first place points. For full results see wavehouse.com.

The second half of the tour kicks off on July 22nd for the three stop Utah leg, and riders will be focused on those points as this all important part of the tour will play a big role in the final standings.

1 Rebecca Pagakis
2 Cathy Seabert
3 Somer Myers
1 Vanessa Arroyo
2 Amanda McCormick
3 Morgan Seabert
4 Hayley Balderamma


1 Cameron Lodge
2 Carter Wood
3 Damien Palmer
4 Morgan M
1 Many Rayo
2 Chuck Wright
3 J.P. O’Brien
4 Andy Haase


1 Tracy Carroll
2 Howard Hwang
3 Shawn Hancock
4 Donna Pagakis
1 Shawn Hancock
2 Dennis Kaiser
3 Cathy Seabert
4 Tracy Carroll


1 Mateo Hernandez
2 Chris Childers
3 Matt Kering
4 Tyler McIntyre
1 Nick Sanchez
2 Carter Wood
3 Daniel Tarapchak
4 Max Sokolov
5 Cameron Lodge


1 Brad Spencer
2 Andy Haase
3 Dakota Duran
1 Nick Nguyen
2 Patrick Boyce
3 Daniel Tarapchak
4 Sean Silveira


1 Sean Silveira
2 Greg Lazarus
3 Brad Spencer
4 Nick Nguyen