2011 FLOW Tour Stop #2

Changing of the Guard at Fantasy Surf?

This weekend the FLOW (Flowriding League Of the World) Tour rolled into one of the newest FlowRider ®venues at Fantasy Surf in Kissimmee, Florida.  The turnout for their first FLOW Tour event had the feel of a National Finals, with 55+ competitors and over 250 people in attendance.

In the highly competitive women’s division, Vanessa Arroyo, who has taken a break from competing for the last few years, returned with a vengeance.  Vanessa announced her comeback with very close win over Abigail Kilgore, with Amanda McCormick (last year’s Tour Champion) and Kim Koyle rounding out the top four.   Vanessa’s emotional speech to the crowd showed that she is definitely happy to be back and competing on the Flow Tour.

Brad Spencer came out of nowhere to beat one of the most stacked expert divisions we have seen in a long time.  Brad is a professional wake boarder that has been able to bring his moves to the FlowRider, compete, and beat the best in the world to take the current lead of the Expert Stand Up division.  In knocking off Sean Silveira (last year’s Tour Champion), Brad is proving to be a new force to be reckoned with in the Expert Division.

In Expert Bodyboarding, Nick Nguyen continued his dominance with his patented rodeo flip along with a switch rodeo flip as well.  Christian Cook returned to competition as well after not competing since May of 2010, and looks like he could challenge the top riders with a little more ride time.

Fantasy Surf put on quite an event and thanks go out to them.  They also proved to have a dominant home court advantage as the top three women and the top four expert riders all call Fantasy surf their home wave.  It looks like there might be something in the water at Fantasy Surf that is bringing out the best in the riders!

Fantasy surf also added prize money to the Men’s and Women’s division’s, which really stoked out the competitors.  Fantasy Surf really stepped up to the plate by offering great rates on rooms, tons of free food and drinks for the competitors, another $3,000 worth of goodies and lots of ride time.

Thanks go out to Obrien Wakeboards, who donated 3 killer wakeboards to the event and our other Tour Sponsors – WCB, VGT (Versa Grip Technology) and Victory, as well as event sponsors Super Duper Surf, Deuce Brand, X-Balm, O-Town, Sun Bum, L-! Motorsports, Turbo’s Race Boat, and Christian Youth Surfers.

We’ll see you all on May 21st when the FLOW Tour visits our old friends down in Alabama, at Waterville, for stop #3.


1 Katie Sink
1 Vanessa Arroyo
2 Abigail Kilgore
3 Amanda McCormick
4 Kim Koyle


1 David Gustafson
2 Austin Bramlett
1 Robert Clark
2 Cameron Lodge
3 Hasim Paputchi
4 Carter Wood


1 Bubbie Koby
2 Nicholas Sanchez
3 Kaleb Cook
4 Christian Cook
1 Tracy Carroll
2 Shawn Hancock
3 Johnathon Root
4 Debie Berge


1 Johnathon Rooy
2 Shawn Hancock
3 Steve Salmon
4 Matt Layana
1 Luigi Vargas
2 Brenden Fenske
3 Brad Schwenker
4 Justin Bortz


1 Angel Yol Kim
2 Chuck Wright
3 Manny Rayo
4 Jacob Berger
1 Jacon Berger
2 Johnathon Hicks
3 Damian Palmer
4 Manny Rayo


1 Nick Nguyen
2 Andrew Shelton
3 Christian Cook
4 Justin Montalbano
1 Brad Spencer
2 Sean Silveira
3 Nick Nguyen
4 Luis Linares