2012 US National Championships- Flow Barrel

2012 US National Championships- Flow Barrel

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. – June 30th arrived with not a cloud in the sky, an eager crowd, and, most importantly, with Spain on the brain. Yes, all the riders came into the USA Nationals in hopes of claiming the national title but the competition also offered another valued prize; top riders would earn their spot on Team USA and have the opportunity to compete in the World Flowboarding Championship in Mallorca, Spain in September.USA NATS 2012

After a fierce and ridiculously exciting day of challenging flips, turns, and tricks, points were tallied and the winners took the stage. Pro flowboarder Amy Stevens rightfully took the top spot among the females while Chris Childers landed first place in the bodyboarding division. And the results for the men’s flowboarding heat, well that’s where this story lies.

Leading up to the competition the names of flowboarders Eric Silverman, Greg Lazarus, & Brandon Stevens could be heard among fans as being front-runners for the top spots. As the competition got underway these three pros did nothing short of impress earning among the highest marks consistently throughout the contest. However, the name Marcus Richerson was now also trending throughout the venue. This twenty-six year old took the competition by storm delivering well-executed sets in both the strap and strapless rounds. So, it was no surprise that when the four flowboarders to compete in the 2012 World Championship in Spain were announced, amateur Richerson was among them. That’s right, an amateur had earned his spot alongside the pros on Team USA.


But let’s take you back to two weeks earlier. For the first time, the Wave House offered a riding event to amateurs that boasted the opportunity to compete among the pros. In a city where boarding is so immersed in the culture and lifestyle of its people, the local talent among flowboarders is easy to spot and deserves to be showcased. But, as mentioned, this event offered more than just a showcase; this was an opportunity to really reveal their flowboarding talent and quickly bring these amateurs up through the ranks to compete with and against some of most well-known, talented flowboarders in the world. Now how’s that for a $20 entry fee well spent?

After taking up the sport three years earlier, Richerson was no stranger to the FlowBarrel but hadn’t yet reached the professional level. Despite having won various flowboarding contests in the past, he still just needed that one big break. So, when the details of the Am Cham amateur competition were announced, he entered and took full advantage of the opportunity. However, that may be understatement as Richerson was clearly in it to win it, utilizing every moment possible to master jumps and introduce new tricks. And win it he did. He qualified for the USA Nationals, brought it to that competition and will now be bringing the heat along with the rest of the USA team as he competes in the World Flowboarding Championship in Spain, no longer as an amateur but as a pro.