Carbon Makes Waves Within the Flowboard Community

Carbon Makes Waves Within the Flowboard Community

From an addiction to the FlowBarrel® at Wave House San Diego™, Carbon immerged as a small brand embedded within the flowboarding community. This board and apparel company has vastly grown over the past 3 years. By immersing themselves within Wave House San Diego’s flowboard family and years later headlining the 2012 Carbon US FLOW Tour, Carbon has made strides to not only grow their business but expose and help push the sport of flowboarding. As the 2012 Carbon US FLOW Tour comes to a close this weekend with The Nationals in Florida, people might be asking what is their next move? Well hold on to your hats people because on Tuesday, August 8th Carbon made waves in the flowboard Community by signing World Champ Nick Nguyen to their Team. Nick Nguyen joined Carbon as a 7 time National Champion, 2 time FlowRider World Champion and a 3 time World Drop Knee Champion.

“Nick is more than an athlete.” Remarked Carbon founder Brandon Walker. “He is an apex competitor. The best of the best.”

Carbon co-founder Todd Mendoza added, “Nick is a mentor and role model to a generation of flow athletes. Not only does he shine, he makes everyone around him better.”

“A sign of a great partnership is when both sides benefit and that’s how we approach all our business relationships,” Walker said. Nick joins Carbon as part of a comprehensive strategy to grow the sport of flowboarding. Ongoing programs such as the Carbon US FLOW Tour, Bodyboard 101, and NightWave will all benefit from Nick’s expertise and passion for the sport.

“Carbon is growing the sport I love.” said Nguyen.”This is an opportunity to do more than ride, I can share my knowledge.” When asked about Carbon bodyboards Nick answered “Its a chance for me to work with the some of the best board technology in the business. Carbon is making great boards!”

Carbon is a premier manufacturer of sheet wave enabled products and the Title Sponsor of the 2012 US FLOW Tour. Also, be on the watch as they collaborate with Surf Resource Network to support local economies by helping raise funds for SRN partner organizations which facilitate the placement of volunteers within organizations, fostering research and education, and developing sustainable projects to better the lives of individuals in the community.