FLOW announces 2010 World FlowRider Championships

FLOW announces 2010 World FlowRider Championships

2010 will mark another milestone in the world of FlowRiding. With the introduction of the IFC (International Flowriding League of the World) Championships last October at the new Wave House Sentosa, the sport of FlowRiding dropped its boundaries as 4 countries came together in the best FlowRiding competition ever held.

Since the IFC is geared toward barrel riding on the FlowBarrel, many top riders of the FlowRider were not afforded the opportunity to compete. That will all change as the WFC (World FlowRider Championships) will hold competitions at various FlowRider facilities in 3 different regions of the world. USA, UK and Asia will all participate by holding leagues and competitions as they select their best riders who will meet at Wave House Sentosa on November 4th to compete for the WFC title. Each region will select their top male and female flowboarder and their top bodyboarder.

The ultimate goal for the WFC is that the winners (top 2 male flowboarders, top female flowboarder and top bodyboarder) will comprise the IFC Wild Card team and will continue on to compete against USA, Chile, South Africa, and Singapore in the 2010 IFC at Wave House Sentosa November 5-7.

The WFC qualifiers have already begun in the US as the 16 stop National Flow Tour began last April with the finals Scheduled for August XX at the Saloman Center in Ogden Utah. The prize awarded to the USA winners will be an all expense paid trip to Singapore to compete in the WFC.

All FlowRider venues are invited to participate in the WFC by hosting FlowRiding competitions at their venue and sending their riders to compete at other regional venue qualifiers. For information on how to participate please contact your regional representative.