That’s a Wrap, Flowboarders!

The 2016 FLOW Tour has come to a close and we can’t believe how fast it went by and how much fun we had watching all the head to head competitions!
Final Rankings are listed below. Thanks, flowboarders, for the biggest and baddest FLOW Tour to date!


Youth Flowboard:

  1. Noah Nelson
  2. Brandon Marks
  3. Ryan Caffrey

Youth Bodyboard:

  1. Brandon Marks
  2. Dorlinda Hickerson
  3. Noah Nelson

Jr. Bodyboard:

  1. Joel Stevens
  2. Kobe Woods
  3. Travis Crow

Jr. Flowboard:

  1. Kade Cox
  2. Joel Stevens
  3. Jake Nelson

Masters Bodyboard:

  1. Cory Woods
  2. Calvin Hickerson
  3. Mateo Hernandez

Masters Flowboard:

  1. Matt Chipman
  2. Mike Nelson
  3. Mike Pappalardo

Women’s Bodyboard:

  1. Nicole Cantalupo
  2. Hayley Balderrama
  3. Maria Bermudez

Women’s Flowboard:

  1. Monica Caffrey
  2. Gabby Savattiere
  3. Erin Sands

Men’s Bodyboard:

  1. Yanni Mefsoutis
  2. Cory Woods
  3. Calvin Hickerson

Men’s Flowboard:

  1. Logan Lindeman
  2. Eli Miller
  3. Tyler Hentges