FlowRider® 2K18 US FLOW Tour Schedule & Details

Are you ready to Go With The Flow™ @Flowboarders!?  


Don’t wait for the summer time to turn up the heat!  Before you know it, FLOW Tour 2K18 will be kicking off and the point chase to becoming a Tour Champ and US National Flowboarding Champion will be on!

Top Pros will battle throughout the season in efforts to represent Team USA and earn a FREE Round Trip airfare and seeded slot into the World Flowboarding Championships (Venue & Dates TBD). 


In addition, amateur competitors will be showcasing their skills and taking home some epic prizes from our Tour sponsors and supporters.

This season Flowboarding League Of the World (FLOW) has a dozen plus events lined up and the (Prime & Pro/Am) on the US Schedule alone and is changing up the scheduling and format, in what we expect is for the better! Keep reading to find out FULL details…

The US FLOW competitive schedule is set to run from April to August and you can find potential dates and locations below. Keep in mind these dates are subject to change and the group behind the scenes is always working to connect the dots and add more venues to the schedule.

We are releasing these potential dates, subject to change, as early as possible and flowing as much detailed information as we can to our flowboarders community, in efforts to create a solid following as we tour the country, attracting/encouraging as many riders, venues and sponsor as we can to grow the flow!

With that being said, FLOW and Flowboarders.com would like to thank the venues listed below for their continuous support of the sport and early commitment.

Stay tuned for schedule updates and more hosting venues as we get closer to April. Please note there is still a chance for  date changes or the opportunity for these listed above to upgrade to a PRIME. Stay social with @flowboarders and @flowtour for most recent updates before booking plane tickets or other travel reservations.

Whether these contest are near or far, stay social and don’t wait until the last minute to make reservations because you are not going to want to miss these events! Flowboarders.com event pages (under the competition tab) will have up to date and detailed information for each contest! Check out the website pages for discounted pricing, hotel accommodations and more as the season gets closer!

2K18, has the schedule and season format shaken, but not stirred! This FLOW season will offer up more opportunities for ALL FLOW Tour members to win a Tour Title and even a US National Championship, whether you follow the Tour around the country or only attend a few PRIME events.

There will be lots of added incentives for the traveling competitors attending PRIME events, but most importantly, WIN & YOU ARE IN!

#GoWithTheFlow and Stay Social @flowboarders when you CLICK ATTEND on upcoming events! The 2018 #FlowRider #FLOWTour competitions are coming to a wave near you!

Upcoming Events: https://www.facebook.com/pg/FLOWtour/events/?ref=page_internal

US Competitions TAB: https://www.flowboarders.com/competition-category/flow-tour-usa/?archive=2018


#GoWithTheFlow and Stay Social @flowboarders when you CLICK ATTEND on upcoming events! The 2018 #FlowRider #FLOWTour competitions are coming to a wave near you! 

Upcoming Events: https://www.facebook.com/pg/FLOWtour/events/?ref=page_internal

What does that mean: “WIN & YOU ARE IN!” ?

When a rider wins a PRIME event (in any division), rider will qualify and earn an invite for the National Championship event! However, please note that competitor must be a registered FLOW Tour Member for 2018 to qualify.

Prime Events will be hosted at Silver Rapids Waterpark, Rapids Waterpark, Lindon Aquatic Center, Provo Beach, FlowRider Utah, Flow House Wildwood, and Waterville – closing out the US Tour.

The 2018 US FlowRider National Championships will be hosted by Gaylord Palms Resort, Orlando Florida and Presented by Aquafina® on Saturday, August 11th.

What’s the difference between a Pro/Am and a Prime?

All FlowRider® FLOW Tour competitions, both Pro/Am and Prime, are vital to the growth of the sport and attraction; playing a critical role in the big picture. We encourage riders to participate on all levels, from novice to Pro! Don’t be intimidated, get out there and show your flow!

Chris and Adam have reached out to over 60 venues in efforts to bring the FlowRider FLOW Tour events to a FlowRider wave near you! Depending the on location and scheduling will determine whether Adam Muller, Chris Granone or both event coordinators will be onsite as they look to work closely together all season long.

The Pro/Am events are aimed to encourage local riders and competitors to engage with their home waves and surrounding FlowRider venues. These are great events to gain competition experience and hang out with your favorite flowboarders. There will be nearly a dozen Pro/Am competitions and events around the United States!

Pro/Am events will not offer point value towards your FLOW National Rankings and there is  no guaranteed prize money for the Pro Divisions. The Pro prize purse is optional for hosting venues and sponsors. However, there will be awards and prizes up for grabs so stay social with @FLOWTour and check event pages as season starts.

Also, something to keep in mind for this season is that winning a Pro/Am event does not qualify you for a seeded slot at US Nationals, only winning a PRIME event does.

The Prime events have National Point allocations, guaranteed prize money for the Pro Divisions and offer a golden ticket invitation for a seeded slot into the National Championship competition present by Pepsi and hosted by Gaylord Palms Resort, FL.

PRIME event results will be combined, dropping your lowest two results, in respects to determining your overall US Tour Rankings and seeded slot into the National Championship event at the end of the season.

The rider with the most amount of points prior (top 5 results) to the National Championship will be crowned the US FLOW Tour Division Champion. These competitors will be awared the number one seed in their respected division for the Final scoring competition of the season, potentially earning them the easiest route to a US FLOW Tour National Championship Title for 2018!

The remaining seeded slots (2-8 in each division), winners from the Prime Events, will be determined by your final Overall Tour Standings in 2018. Again, dropping the two lowest results.

The WINNER of each division at the National Championship event will be the US FLOW Tour National Champion.

The National Champions will have an increased Pro Prize and will also be worth DOUBLE POINTS VALUE. Attending this event is significant because it could make or break your overall tour season rankings.

Why are the National Championships worth double points you ask? It’s due to the WIN AND YOU’RE IN format. The format pre-qualifies the best of the best from around the country and constructs a top tier competition! Don’t miss this event and bring you A game because this allows the opportunity for someone to come from behind and win the National Championship or earn a spot on TEAM USA.

Adam will be the event coordinator for Prime events; depending the on location and scheduling will determine if Chris Granone is available to be onsite. Feel free to reach out directly for more information.

In regards to Qualifying for Team USA, each competitors’ Final Tour Rankings, plus Nationals Results (double points) = TEAM USA and earn the top seeded slots for FlowRider World Flowboarding Championship! In addition, REGIONAL FLOW TEAM REPRESENATIVES AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFY FOR WFC MAIN EVENT AND EARN A PAID AIRFARE TICKET.

Check out some more potential incentives below; we look forward to seeing everyone on and off the wave this season and wish you the best of luck!

….. IF YOU WIN NATIONALS IN YOUR AMATEUR DIVISION or US OVERALL in your AMATEUR DIVISION(s), you are invited to the International Flowboarding Championships (IFC)  before the World Flowboarding Championships. The IFC (Date and Venue TBD) is an opportunity for the amateur divisions compete against top tier riders in their divisions on an international platform and winners of each division move on to the WFC Trials Qualifying event.  Individual riders may also sign up for this competition and winners of divisions will earn a slot in WFC 2K18! 

Remember, when you go out there, have fun and promote our passion in a positive manner, don’t stress the scores and results too much because just by entering the competition and showcasing your skills you are already better than majority of others riding the wave as an attraction!

If you are interested in joining the conversation, be sure to LIKE the @FLOWTour page on Facebook and TUNE in today (1/5/2018) for a LIVE Q&A with Tour Coordinator Adam Muller and Pro Flowboarder, Nick Nguyen.

In addition, FLOW Tour Prime Stop #1, Presented by CCI Construction and hosted by Silver Rapid Waterpark will feature a Tour Kick-Off Party, Judges Seminar and Competitors Meeting to bring everyone up to speed and opening the season on the same page.

(Potential) Tour Incentives for FLOW Tour Members (2018):

1. US Tour winners:
a. US Tour Champion
b. Seeded #1 into National Championships
c. Qualified for main event seed at World Championships
d. Covered Room Accommodations at National Championships (Potential)

2. US National Championship Winners:
a. US National Champion
b. Seeded into World Championships
c. Covered Room Accommodations at World Championships (Potential)

3. Overall Winners:
a. Covered Airfare to World Championships
b. Top Seeds in World Championships
c. Team USA Representative
d. Covered Room Accommodations at World Championships (Potential)