Photo Of The Week!

Members of the community who actively upload photos to their profile and social media are encouraged to use hashtags, #flowboarders & #flowboarding, and tag @flowboarders when uploading and posting to social media platforms.

Photo of the week is chosen by several members behind the scenes of, based on photo ratings, their personal views, tastes and standards. In addition, members who actively upload and stay social across will have a higher chance of being featured.

Photo does not necessarily have to be posted during this given week, all tag and available photos are eligible to be selected.If your photo is chosen to be Photo Of the Week, it will be featured on the homepage of for the full week and remain under the Photo of the Week category.

How to Participate:

  1. Create of profile on
  2. Upload your photos under the Photo Tab
  3. Share your images on social media tagging @flowboarders
  4. Use hasthtags #Flowboarders & #Flowboarding
  5. Stay Social


  • Post flowboarding related images
  • Keep images clean and family friendly
  • Keep comments clean and family friendly
  • Tag @flowboarders
  • Hashtag #Flowboarders & #Flowboarding


Usage Rights:

When you as a member submit an image or upload an image to, you are giving the right to publish the submission for display on our web site.

If any of your entries should be selected as a Photo of the Week finalist, the entries shall remain in our database on display for the existence of Flowboarders along with any other contests it may win in the future (e.g. Photo of the Month, Photo of the Season, Photo of the Year).