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FLOW HOUSE KUWAIT – To Host Kuwait’s First FlowRider Competition!

Flow House Kuwait is pleased to announce that on April 14th FHK will host the first ever FlowRider® competition in Kuwait.

Download the entry from here:FHK-FHK-Entry17-FT

The FlowRider attraction generates a thin sheet of water which flows over their patented tension sheet surface and forms a flawless wave simulator. The resulting wavelike shape of fast running water gives athletes of all ages the thrill of surfing. The FlowRider is a unique innovation in skilled-based water rides that is FUN for everyone from kids to adults and riders become addicted to the thrill and challenge of riding the FlowRider.

The FlowRider appeals to and crosses a variety of board-sports athletes – surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, skimboarding – and the learning curve can take some time, with plenty of challenges and a whole lot of FUN!

The best part is that ANYONE can do it. Even someone with no experience can jump on a boogie board and almost instantly start carving and doing tricks. The limits are endless in that there is always something new to learn, you will NEVER get bored with the FlowRider.

The competition will offer a practice session on Thursday, April 13th from 4:00pm to 7:00 pm were interested riders can register and have a formal practice session to get familiar with the ride and rules.

FHK will also offer a second practice session on Friday, April 14th from 10:00am – 12:00 giving riders a second chance to register and get ready to rumble.  The actual competition will begin at 12:30pm and run until approximately 5:00pm.

This FlowRider-sanctioned FLOW Tour Pro/Am competition will introduce the region and riders to the official rules, regulations and formats that the FLOW Tour utilizes throughout the world in during FLOW Tour competitions.  A competition fee is required to enter, as is an official FLOW Tour Membership.  These are available onsite and also on flowridershop.com.  With the membership riders are eligible for discounts and can also officially accrue points which in turn gives them a FLOW Tour Ranking.

“This is an amazing venue unlike any other FlowRider installation in any part of the World,” says Chris Granone, Pro/Am FLOW Tour event coordinator having hosted hundreds of competitions.  “FHK’s unique FlowRider area has 3 separate FlowRiders!  Unlike any venue I have ever seen!”

The event will feature divisions for both Bodyboard and Flowboard.  Competitors will be separated by gender and age brackets.  This FLOW Tour event will run under the rules and regulations enforced at all FLOW Tour events.  Kuwait Riders, get ready to get hooked on flowboarding!!