RedCar FlowRider Pro/AM

Thank you again for all the competitors who took part in the Amateur day of our competition. And a big thank you to our sponsor for the day – Typhoon International.


A big congratulations to all our competitors, a list of division finalist  below:

Youth Flowboard:
1st Flynn Elliott
2nd KC Wellard

Youth BodyBoard:
1st Harry Bliwert
2nd Jake Slater
3rd Max Field
4th Flynn Elliott
5th KC Wellard

Junior Flowboard:
1st Jennifer Hunt
2nd Flynn Elliott
3rd KC Wellard

Junior Bodyboard:
1st Jennifer Hunt
2nd Harry Bliwert
3rd KC Wellard

Adult Flowboard:
1st Carl Doi
2nd Reece Dickinson
3rd Billy Walker

Adult Bodyboard:
1st Reece Dickinson
2nd Sean Laver