The Malibu FLOW Championships




The Malibu FLOW Championships 2011 Presented by the City of Durban – Sunday 9th October

1st – Team USA

2nd – Team South Africa

3rd – Team UAE

Overall Men’s World FLOW Champion – Clayton Barker – Durban SA
Overall Women’s World FLOW Champion – Amy Luis – San Diego USA
Overall Bodyboard World FLOW Champion – Billy Tennant – Durban SA

Winner Expert Strapped – Eric Silverman, USA
Winner Expert Strapless – Wesley Fischer, SA
Winner Bodyboard Prone – Billy Tennant, SA
Winner Bodyboard Dropknee – Nick Nguyen, USA
Winner Women’s Strapped – Amy Luis, USA
Winner Women’s Strapless – Amy Luis, USA
Winner FlowRider Expert – Sean Silveira, USA
Winner FlowRider Women’s – Vanessa Arroyo, USA
Winner FlowRider Bodyboard – Nick Nguyen, USA