Judging Seminar (Silver Rapids)

FLOW Judging Seminar: April 15th 6:00-8:00pm

Presented by.. Carpita Construction (CCI)

ALL Competitors and those interested in learning about judging criteria are welcome! Snacks and drinks will be provided for those who attend.

Being a FLOW Tour judge is not easy. These are the people sports fans and competitors love to hate.

Download the Official 2016 US FLOW Tour Rule Book:

2016 Rule Book

Professional and amateur sporting events require impartial officiating to make sure all the rules are followed. Flowboarding is a grass roots sports and many of the times the experience competitors are the most qualified to judge the events. As our sport grows, more individuals will gain experience and knowledge for the rules, regulations and judging criteria.

As a judge you must demonstrate solid knowledge of flowboarding and FLOW competition rules, regulations and judging criteria , judge all participants fairly, consistently and impartially, and possess and demonstrate sound judging procedure and control your emotions.

Judges are expected to be friendly, courteous and professional to participants, spectators, and the host venue staff. Judges should always maintain a professional and positive appearance during events.

The FLOW Judging Seminars are important not only for those interested in becoming judges, but those also interested in improving the competition riding and strategy.

During the seminar, the course will review the updated rule book, show examples and provide opportunity to increase your knowledge of the sport of flowboarding.