Carmel Clay Parks & Rec Prime Stop #3 Photo Gallery & More

The Monon Center Waterpark – Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation, Indiana

New season, new backdrop, same good time!

In a “round a bout” way, when you start sharing FLOW Tour stories with others, many roads lead back to Carmel Clay and the Monon Center Waterpark. Well, this past weekend, more memorable stories were created on the FlowRider FLOW Tour.

Not only did the Monon Center Waterpark in Carmel Clay, Indiana, open their gates to employees, friends and families for the Summer Season Soft Opener, the aquatic center was transformed into a competition arena as they played host to Prime Stop #3 of the 2017 USA FlowRider FLOW Tour.

With traveling flowboarders coming from all ends of the country and even several competitors from Windsor, Canada, also making the trip, the event provided a lot of exciting flowboarding action along with other fun activities off the wave. In addition, the day before the competition, a local artist did a complete make over on the back wall of the FlowRider attraction at the Monon Center Waterpark, providing some extra flare.

While the weekend weather report was calling for thunder storms and lighting, it did not keep flowboarders from attending one of their favorite Prime Stops of the season. Only seeing a few brief rain storms pass through, the event managed to dodge the worst of it; the town of Carmel once again provided a beautiful day for smooth competition.

Day number one, Saturday, provided registered competitors 5+ hours of complimentary ride time exclusively for them to practice for the competition on the following day. In addition, Flowboarders were allowed to camp onsite at no charge and were invited to a Boarders Magazine Bonfire and cook out to hang out among one another and re-visit the good times in the past while they create new ones at the same time.

“This is what Flow Family is all about right here!” states Eric Mehl, Assistant Aquatic Director at Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation. “Having the riders gather for the weekend, camping, riding the wave and enjoying all Carmel has to offer.” Mehl added.

Although the event was scheduled earlier in the season than years past, there was still a solid turnout of participants; local spectators gathered around to watch their local favorites take on FLOW Tour Veterans from all of the country.

“This venue does a spectacular job welcoming the competitors” states Adam Muller, FLOW Tour events coordinator. “Next year we hope to see more traveling competitors take advantage of the event perks and have an even bigger turn out!” Muller added.

Showcasing all levels of riding, novice to pro, and both ends of the spectrum with the Masters Flowboard and Junior divisions providing the larger division turnouts, local competitors, Sean Robert (Men’s Flowboard) and Lou Wazniak (Masters Flowboard) defend their home wave in excellent fashion, looking to be in mid-season form and collecting Gold Medals.

“The event was great, it gets better each year” explains Masters Flowboard winner, Lou Wozniak. “I would pay just to watch these Pro’s ride!” Lou added.

With FLOW Tour Champions and World Champions on site, the professional divisions put on quite the show.  Sean Silveria (5x World Flowboard Champion), Nick  Nguyen (5x World Bodyboard Champion), Daniel Taraphchak (2012 World Champion) and Nick Sanchez (3x Bodyboard World Champion and Defending FLOW Tour Champion) doubled as competitors and featured event judges. Sean Silveira and Daniel Tarapchak took home Gold Medals and top cash prizes respectively in their divisions.

See the full event results here:

Check out the photo gallery above from the FlowRider FLOW Tour Prime Stop #3 hosted by Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation in Indiana on May 21st! 

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