FT16: WaveHouse San Diego Results

Flowboarders from around the country did the west coast swing and drove down the coast to San Diego after the Planet Hollywood stop for the Annual US Open Of Flowboarding which include flowboarding activities, discounts and more to go along with the 2016 US FlowRider FLOW Tour and 2nd Annual US Open of Flowboarding on the Flow Barrel at WaveHouse San Diego.

If the sun wasn’t hot enough in San Diego, the competition raised the temperature an extra 10 degrees. Flowboarders in all divisions from Youth to Pro showed up with the A-Game!

Check out some selected photos from the WaveHouse San Diego FLOW Tour Prime Stop (June 16, 2016)!

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See Ya on the wave Flowboarders!

Photo Credit: Flowboarders.com (Photographer Nick Nguyen)


Youth Bodyboard:

  1. Jayden Stine
  2. Meredith Hernandez

Youth Flowboard:

  1. Tony Miranda
  2. Jayden Stine
  3. Meredith Hernandez

Jr. Bodyboard:

  1. Joel Stevens
  2. Joshua Stine
  3. Mathew Herman

Jr. Flowboard:

  1. Joel Stevens
  2. Joshua Stine
  3. Mathew Herman

Masters Bodyboard:

  1. Mateo Hernandez

Masters Flowboard:

  1. Matt Chipman
  2. Mateo Hernandez
  3. Teressa Cragg
  4. Jesse Stine

Women’s Bodyboard:

  1. Hayley Hernandez

Men’s Bodyboard:

  1. Robert Puls
  2. Daniel Brown

Men’s Flowboard:

  1. Eli Miller
  2. Chris Buyher
  3. Mateo Hernandez
  4. Daniel Brown

Womens Flowboard:

  1. Teress Cragg
  2. Alexis Johnson
  3. Dena Glusman

Pro Women’s Flowboard:

  1. Dee Daniels
  2. Jessica Nichols
  3. Haylet Balderrama\

Pro Bodyboard

  1. Nick Sanchez
  2. Nick Nguyen
  3. Daniel Tarapchak
  4. Joel Stevens
  5. Jordan Grigg, Hayley Balderrama

Pro Men’s Flowboard:

  1. Jake Chipman
  2. Brad Spencer
  3. Taylor Hales
  4. Cole Ditzel
  5. Sean Silveira, Jordan Munoa