Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Results

Margaritaville Hollywood Beach hosted the first FLOW Sanctioned FlowRider FLOW Tour Event on May 1st. Check out images from the podium and stay tuned for the Official FLOW Tour results followed by more photos and video footage to come!

FLOW Tour Stop #3 Results:

Pro Mens Flowboard
1st. Sean Silveira
2nd. Brad Spencer
3rd. Kade Cox
4th. Patrick Hernadez

Pro Bodyboard
1st. Nick Sanchez
2nd. Daniel Tarapchak
3rd. Nick Nguyen
4th. Jordan Grigg

Pro Womens Flowboard
1st. Xana Nash
2nd. Dee Spencer
3rd. Austyn Bynon

Jr Bodyboard
1st. Joel Stevens
2nd. Kobe Woods
3rd. Jake Nelson

4th. Hunter Babey

Jr Flowboard
1st.Kade Cox
2nd. Joel Stevens
3rd. Eric Graves
4th Monica Caffrey

Female Bodyboard
1st. Gabby Fiszman
2nd. Nicole Contelupo
3rd. Brandlyn Dumhar

Female Flowboard
1st. Monica Caffrey
2nd. Gabby Savettire
3rd. Maddie Hutchinson
4th. Brandlyn Dumhart

Mens Bodyboard
1st. Thomas Koby
2nd. Yanni Mefsoutis
3rd. Troy Hummel
4th. Calvin Hickerson

Mens Flowboard
1st.  Thomas Koby
2nd. Logan Lindeman
3rd. Eli Miller
4th. Tyler Hentges

Master Flowboard
1st. Eddie Enzo
2nd. Mike Pappalardo
3rd. Mike Caffrey
4th. Mike Nelson

Masters Bodyboard
1st Cory Woods
2nd Calvin Hickerson
3rd. Mike Nelson
4th Troy Hummel

Youth Bodyboard
1st. Noah Nelson
2nd. Nate Newman
3rd. Luke Newman

4th. Josh Rawding

Youth Flowboard
1st. Ryan Caffrey
2nd. Noah Nelson

3rd. Nate Newman

4th. Luke Newman

Adaptive FLOW
1st. Sean Fitzpatrick