2017 Rules and Regulations

The FLOW (Flowboarding League of the World) Tour is a FlowRider, Inc.-sanctioned international flowboarding tour. It’s flowboarding’s premier competitive tour featuring some of the world’s best flowboarders.

Tours are held in Asia, Europe, & USA. Considered to be the grass roots of flowboarding, the FLOW Tour provides a platform for riders to enter competitions at any level and learn the fundamentals in route to the top.

The FLOW Tour allows friends, families and even fellow rivals to travel to extraordinary destinations, progress their riding, and build everlasting and meaningful relationships all over the globe. The competitions are open to everyone – all ages and skill levels are encouraged participate in the contest.

Flowboarding events generally run for 1 or 2 consecutive days, attracting local and traveling competitors to the FlowRider for a chance to win prizes, points and showcase their exciting skillsets in front of judges, family, friends and spectators.

With music, announcers, professional riders, sponsor booths, prize giveaways and general nonstop action, who wouldn’t want to join in?!?!

There aren’t too many complicated rules in the sport of flowboarding, but we do have a few that are worthy of your attention if you are involved in the sport. These rules are in place to ensure the safety of the participants, the fairness of competition and, ultimately, to promote the best flowboarding imaginable on a consistent competitive international platform.

Below we’ll describe the basics and for those who want to really dig into every detail, please feel free to download the full rulebook linked at the bottom of this page. 

Entry Fees – ALL entries must be submitted prior to event practice session(s) to guarantee entry into competition and avoid late fees. Competitors are encouraged to sign up online in advance via flowboarders.com event pages and payments will collected up arrival to the venue and competition check-in.

Membership- It is enforced for all competitors to pay a Flowboarding League Of the World (FLOW) membership fee to obtain seeding into the 2017 FLOW Tour season competitions and receive a National Ranking for chance to become a National Champion. Non- Members are subject to a $10 event fee if they wish to earn National Ranking points. Non Members who do not pay the event fee will not receive allocated result points for that event. Event fees must be paid prior to competition to earn points.

Divisions- Divisions will be arranged according to age, gender and/or skill level. A rider must compete in their respective division on the FLOW Tour according to their age as of April 22nd, 2017.

Flowboard                                         Bodyboard

Pro– All ages                                    Pro – All ages/all Genders

Men’s – 18+                                      Men’s – 18+

Junior –17/under, all genders       Junior – 17/under, all genders

Women’s – All ages                         Women’s – All ages

Masters – 35/over, all gender        Masters – 35/over, all genders

Youth – 12/under, all genders       Youth – 12/under, all genders

Heat Formats- Pro formats versus Amateur formats may vary.

  1. Riders will compete one (1) at a time and be given between 30-45 seconds per ride depending on the division.
    1. Each competitor will get 3 runs per heat
    2. Top Two Scores will count toward heat results

Seeding- Only FLOW Tour members will be seeded.

Criteria-  Judges analyze the following 5 elements when scoring runs.

  1. Commitment and degree of difficulty
  2. Innovative and progressive maneuvers
  3. Combination of major maneuvers
  4. Variety of maneuvers
  5. Speed, power, flow and overall style

Scoring- Judge score on a 0.1 – 10 point scale. Judges analyze the fore mentioned criteria and following elements when scoring runs.

Judging scale:
[0.0 — 1.9: Poor]
[2.0 — 3.9: Fair]
[4.0 — 5.9: Average]
[6.0 — 7.9: Good]
[8.0 — 10.0: Excellent]

Event Descriptions- 

FlowRider FLOW Tour Prime event

A FlowRider FLOW Tour Prime event will have a minimum of a $2,500 prize money pool. This prize money is to be split between the Pro divisions. Payouts may be determine based on division participation.

These events will also have a weighted point system which will be awarded to the competitors according to their final placing’s in their respective divisions. The top 6 Prime point totals for each competitor will be added together to determine the over-all tour champions in each division. The top 3 finishes in each rated division will also be acknowledged and awarded at the end of the season.

FlowRider FLOW Tour Pro/Am events

A Pro/Am event does not have a guaranteed prize purse offering. A prize money pool of the venue’s choice may be offered. Competitors, those who are FLOW Tour Members, will be awarded event points based on their final placing that will contribute to their National Rankings (FLOW Tour Members ONLY). These events are to create competition awareness and grow the ridership in their respective areas.

Point Allocations-  After each event, competitors are awarded points based on their respective placing and the better the results, the more points they earn. FLOW Tour members only.

PRIME Event Pro/Am Events    
1st 1000 1st 500
2nd 860 2nd 430
3rd 731 3rd 365.5
4th 614 4th 307
=5th 503 =5th 251.5
=6th 440 =6th 220
= 7th 377 =7th 188.5
=9th 267 =9th 133.5
=11th 221 =11th 110.5
=13th 174 =13th 87.0
=17th 104 =17th 52.0


For more information please contact the Tour Coordinator // Tour Coordinator: Adam Muller – Adam@FlowRider.com

Download the full 2017 Rule Book here: FLOW Tour Official Rule Book 2017