6 Things You Completely Missed When Sean Silveira Stomped This Banger

Last week @FlowRiderShop posted a slow motion video of @seansilveira stomping a massive varial flip grab across the FlowRider® Double wave simulator at Waterville USA in Gulf Shores, Alabama. If you didn’t see it, check it out below and be sure to give them a follow for future content.

While you may have been hypnotized in jaw-dropped stare and even though the clip is slowed down, we too are still blown away and can’t comprehend how he pulls this technically advanced trick off. With 3 inches of water rushing 25mph under his feet and just enough air under his board, this is truly something to appreciate!

While following along just like the rest of you, we did manage to notice a few other things in the video besides Sean’s fancy footwork. Although our screen shots may be a little blurry, here are 6 things you mostly likely missed when watching the video clip.

1.) The Lifeguard – She is totally checking him out. The girl throws the full over-the-shoulder look back. Little did she know that she was getting a backstage pass to some high level flowboarding and watching a 5x World Champion in action.


2.) The “O” Face – We all know that face we make when we are trying to go big. Leaving it all out on the wave andnot knowing the final outcome takes a lot of effort. Well, Sean puts on a classic “O” face as he prepares the launch across the FlowRider Double and attempt this advanced maneuver. Meanwhile, the lifeguard is still checking him out.

capture 22

3.) Avoiding Crash Destruction – Notice the FULL grab and hang time that Sean executes. He basically has to commit or bail at this point to avoid landing primo on the rails (a.k.a. landing on the edge or rail of the board when it is off axis) and wiping out hard.

Capture 33

4.) Smile & Smirk – He stomped it and stomped in clean, no questions asked, and he knew it! If you watch carefully you can see the satisfaction in Sean’s face. He lets out a little smile/smirk once he completes the landing and carves out.

Capture 44

5.) No Claim, Claim – The “No Claim Claim” is a humble touch of modesty that brings a banger trick to light without resorting to any over-the-top celebration. This just adds a more personal swagger to Sean’s overall style. For more popular “claims” and celebrations, stay social for our upcoming “Claim It!” feature.


6.) Hair Flick- Just to add some extra style, notice the classic Sean Silveira signature hair flick at the end. Channeling a little Bieber?

Capture 66