Adaptive Flow Division – Indiana

You may or may not be aware, but for the second year in a row on the US FLOW Tour Carmel Clay and FlowRider have had an Adaptive FLOW Division!  This Division is making a huge splash around the country, so naturally all entry forms for the US FLOW Tour include Adaptive Division registration!

The Adaptive FLOWgram and Division is reserved for adaptive, handicap or special needs individuals. You may be thinking to yourself “How do these participants ride the FlowRider?”  Not only are the competitors brave and inspiring to all, they are shredders on the FlowRider attraction – check the photos to see for yourself.  Many of the best riders in this Division call Carmel Clay their home wave.

Several FLOW Tour venues such as Silver Rapids Idaho, Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort, Flow House Wildwood and of course Carmel Clay have had a great turnout and spectator showing for this awesome division!  We are so happy to see the staff and crew at all these venues welcoming everyone to enjoy the stoke of riding a wave.

Check out some images in the gallery above from the 2016 FlowRider US FLOW Tour Prime Stop #11 hosted by Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation!