AFT 2017 Stop #2: FHBKK

AFT 2017, Stop #2

Flow House Bangkok

Keeping the action flowing on the Asian scene, flowboarders made their way over to the popular party venue, Flow House Bangkok.  Flow House BKK hosted the 2015 FlowRider World Flowboarding Championships and has produced some elite riders over the past few years. Oh, did we mention it was a known party spot, serving up ice cold drinks and delicious grub!?

Hosting stop #2 of the 2017 Asia Flow Tour brought in a lot of excitement and got straight to the point with the Pro Men’s going at it in the Golden Ticket (GT) rounds, trying to claim a top seeded spot and skip a round of competition.

Shout out to the Bangkok Flow Riders for the awesome photos seen above in the photo gallery!

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Isara Singto, Nazri Salim and Wave House Sentosa, stop #1 winner, Toth Panpoth dropped banger runs in the GT round and claimed their seeded spot in the Quarterfinals.

With the newly introduced contest format, riders are pushing the limits of contest riding, holding nothing back, and dropping the biggest tricks in their runs.

Judges and spectators saw AFT rookie, Som Supichaya, stomping a hardflip in the Pro Women’s GT round making 2015 AFT Women’s champ, Annie Flynn, check herself and remain humble.

However, Annie Flynn is still looking stronger this year.  She is displaying advanced tricks and adding the exclamations points in her runs.

With strong style and a wide-array of tricks Flynn made quick work in the finals against Zaara Dhanji and Oui Nicha banking in the win for the Pro Women’s division.

The Pro Bodyboard division featured young up and coming groms, such as Kobe Dhanji and Patrick Wongwut keeping up with the whole cohort with neck-breaking tricks like the Rodeo to Prone on the nozzle.

When it came to the bodyboard finals, It Tamrongsak, BM Songkrod and 5-time AFT Bodyboarding Champion, Nazri Salim, battled it out for the title under the lights at Flow House Bangkok. In the end BM slayed down the reigning champion to take home the big W.

“It was pure drama in the Pro Men’s finals,” states Faddy, AFT Coordinator, when he was asked about the Pro Flowboard category this year, “We saw the 2-time AFT Men’s champion taking on Siva O and Isara Singto – a lot of good riding!”

After 2 runs and extended deliberations, the judges were left scratching their heads and leaning on the fences between Nazri and Isara, who deserved the Gold more?

Without a clear decision, a FLOW-OFF was called.

Nazri went first. Coming out the gates, swinging for the fences, he went for the lazer flip and wiped out.

It was Isara’s win for the taking and the young 14 year-old kept his cool and laid down the hammer.  We just watched him stomp banger after banger, raising the bar which earned him the champion crown at AFT Stop #2.

The future looks bright for the Asian flowboarding scene with younger riders pushing it to a whole other level.  Stay tuned to see what drama will unfold at Stop #3 of the 2017 Asia Flow Tour at Cartoon Network Amazone!

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Official Venue: Flow House Bangkok

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Asia FLOW Tour Stop #2 – Bangkok Results

Full Results:

Open Bodyboard

1st: Boo Pichai

2nd: Tee Nathee

3rd: Aiden Wickson
Open Flowboard

1st: Golf Naphat

2nd: Non Stanon

3rd: Tum Kaemint


Pro Women’s Flowboard

1st: Annie Flynn

2nd: Zaara Dhanji

3rd: Oui Nicha


Pro Bodyboard
1st: BM Songkrod

2nd: Nazri Salim

3rd: It Tamrongsak


Pro Men’s Flowboard

1st: Isara Singto

2nd: Nazri Salim

3rd: Siva Somdokkeaw


Team Flow House Bangkok
Men’s: Toth Panpoth

Bodyboard: Boo Pichai

Women’s: Oui Nicha