Alaska Airlines

Flying to flow? Save some dough.

Stoked to announce that the FLOW Tour will be taking off with a airlines partner this season!#iFlyAlaska

Alaska Airlines has recently been ranked the number one Airline and now Alaska Airlines is also a proud sponsor of the 2018 US FlowRider® FLOW Tour!

A very recent CNN Travel article, referencing the best airlines, according to The Points Guy (TBG), Alaska Airlines topped the list for 2018.

Alaska Airlines, which has merged with a new partner, Virgin America, edged out the runner-up, Southwest and also out ranked Delta (#3) to win the top spot in The Points Guy’s ratings.

TBG goes on to say “Alaska scored consistently well across a number of key criteria, ranking in the top three for airfare, on-time arrivals, customer satisfaction, baggage and a best-in-the-industry frequent-flier program,”

We say, they have stepped up to the plate to support our passion for the sport of flowboarding and we look forward to supporting them in return.

As part of our sponsorship, along with getting our community to book with Alaska Air, we are aiming to get the FlowRider FLOW Tour members and our flowboarders community to sign up for the Mileage Plan and take advantage of flight discounts for this year’s US FLOW Tour events. Did we already mention the have the “best – in – the -industry frequent flier milage program? Yes, we did, but’s worth stating again! #iFlyAlaska

Mileage Plan membership allows frequent flyers to earn miles every time you fly with Alaska or any of their airline partners. You can redeem those miles for award travel, earn elite status, and enjoy all the perks of being a loyal Alaska Airlines guest.

Additionally, Alaska Airlines will be providing discounts and coupon codes for all 2018 FLOW Tour members and competitors traveling for events listed domestically.

Be sure to stay social and know your flow via the Flowboarders social media platforms and website event pages because that is where you will find flight discount codes and more information to save some dough when you flow.

Codes will be set up around the event dates and nearest airport locations. Allowing riders to book trips up a two week window around the event dates.

To think, this all started from a community member and fellow employee of Alaska Airlines (Jasper Ha) who is an absolute fanatic about flowboarding reaching out with a simple e-mail to his co-workers and chain of command. Needless to say, thank you Jasper & and Alaska Airlines.

“Shoot, assuming all goes well, discounts and perks will increase as our relationship grows!” states, Doug Clark, Alaska Airlines Sales & Community Marketing Manager.

Sign up, fly Alaska Airlines and help us all grow the flow!