ASIA FLOW Tour 2016

If you have been following the sport of flowboarding, you are just as excited for the 2016 FlowRider Asia FLOW Tour as we are!

And, if you are new to flowboarding, FLOW Tour, is flowboarding’s premiere competitive tour featuring some of the worlds best riders.

Tours are currently held in Asia, Europe, USA and expect to expand into Australia, Canada and other regions of the globe in the next couple years (Fun Fact: There is a FlowRider in over 36 countries and counting!).

Last year, FLOW House Bangkok hosted the 2015 FlowRider Chang Beer World Flowboarding Championships and really lit a fire for the sport and attraction to take off in Asia markets, taking the sport to new levels of competition.

“It was a great showcase of flowboarding; we were introduced to a lot of new faces who impressed us with their level of riding” mentions Rob Chalfant, FLOW (Flowboarding League Of the World) Head Judge. “It’s exciting to see the passion and determination of the riders and venues in the region striving to progress the sport” he added (See video below).

Asia is the largest and most popular continent in the world and with FlowRider® installations by the handful in Asia, rapidly increasing talent levels and pure passion for the sport, it is no surprise the number of events and competitions are also on the rise for the region for 2016.

While the US Tour is underway, European Championships are set for late June, the Asia FLOW Tour is set to kick off their season this upcoming weekend!

Faddy Fureal, FLOW Tour Asia director, is stoked for the season the kick off this summer at Sunway Lagoon FlowRider in Malaysia. “We are excited to see all the flowboarders, new and old, for the AFT16 (2016 Asia FLOW Tour)” Faddy explains.

The Asia Tour features 8 competitions stretching from May 28th to September 17th where flowboarders, novice to Pro, kids and adults will showcase their skills and strive to defend their home waves, earn bragging rights from their friendly rivals; and become FLOW Champions!

“Plenty of upcoming riders in the region definitely to watch out for” Furreal replies when we asked him about the level of competition entering the 2016 season and who he thought would represent their country at the World Flowboarding Championships this year (venue/date TBD).

The Asia FLOW Tour will mix things up this season as they included some exciting new venues, Vana Nava Hua Hin and Waterbom Bali to the schedule; providing the opportunity for those countries and riders to join the FLOWmovement.

With qualifying events in various regions counting toward their FLOW Tour Rankings, flowboarders will travel the region to battle it out at the following FlowRider venues locations: Sunway Lagoon, Vana Nava Hua Hin, Waterbom Bali, Wave House Sentosa, Flow House Manila, Cartoon Network Amazone and Flow House Bangkok. See the full season schedule below for dates.

“Don’t hesitate to test the waters and join the fun” says FLOW Tour Coordinator, Adam Muller. FLOW Tour has divisions for all skill sets and ages. “We welcome and encourage new competitors” he explains. “It’s also a great way for the riders to show their interest in the attraction and support the local venues” Muller added.

We are excited to see how the Asia FLOW Tour season unfolds as they crown their Champions and the flowboarding scene continues to spread and grow to all areas of the country.

Check out the full schedule of event below, navigate your way to the competition pages for more details and we will see ya on the wave flowboarders!

2016 FLOW Asia Schedule:

To see individual event details: CLICK HERE!