Asia FLOW Tour stop #1: Wave House Sentosa

Successful first stop on the Asia FlowRider FLOW ASIA #FLOWTour at Wave House Sentosa – August 12th!

The finalist at each stop will battle it out in Vana Nana Hu Hin, Thailand for the #AsiaFLOWChampion title and a spot to the#WorldFlowboardingChampionships at Aquaworld Cancun!



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Full results from Stop #1 of the Asia FLOW Tour at Wave House Sentosa!

Open Mixed Bodyboard
1st: Patrick Wongwut
2nd: Boo Pichai
3rd: Jay Goh

Novice Mixed Flowboard
1st: Hannah Wong
2nd: Amalina Aidal
3rd: Putu Arnaya
Open Mens Flowboard
1st: Hafiz Bolo
2nd: Jason Deng
3rd: Aslim Selamat
Pro Womens Flowboard
1st: Alysha Rizwan
2nd: Som Supichaya
3rd: Melissa Kamil

Pro Mixed Bodyboard
1st: Syuqri Nor Hizam
2nd: BM Songkrod Jomboon
3rd: Felix Fun

Pro Mens Flowboard
1st: Toth Panpoth
2nd: Faddy Kamarolah
3rd: BM Songkrod Jomboon
Team Wave House Sentosa 2017
Mens Flowboard: Faddy Kamarolah
Bodyboard: Jay Goh
Womens Flowboard: Alysha Rizwan

#AsiaFlowTour2017 #AFT17