Barnabas McCrimmon FLOW Collection: Prime Stop #2 @ Rapids Water Park

“It was my pleasure of taking photographs at the  Flowboarding competition at Rapids Water Park.” explains Barnabas when speaking to FLOW Tour Coordinator, Adam Muller.

Barnabas joined the FLOW community through other flowboarders and mutal friends off the wave.

Since then, Barnabas has been along for the ride we all know as the “flow life”.

This is a collection of photos (gallery above) from the FlowRider FLOW Tour Prime Stop #2 competition at Rapids Waterpark reflecting how he sees the flow through his lens; with a splash of unique editing that we hope you enjoy!

“I created this gallery to give back to the riders and community, hoping they would appreciate them the way I respect their talents and riding skills.” states McCrimmon.  “I really enjoy being a part of the sport community!” Barnabas added.

Who is Barnabas McCrimmon? Here are a few words from the artist.

A little bit about me and how i came into this sport; I am 26yr old photographer/ videographer out of Miami,FL. ; I have a real passion for Sports Photography.

I was introduced to the sport by my good friend and Pro Flowboarder Joshua Soto. He took me along for a trip to the wave in Margaritaville- Hollywood Beach, FL where i instantly fell in love once I saw him and Nate Murray(ProFlowboarder) do there thing on the wave.

I was swept away with the smoothness and flow of each rider that it was like watching someone paint a masterpiece on the wave. Once I made it to Rapids competition I fell in love with the community and the over all support each rider gives to each other even when they are against them in competition, everyone is cheering to get there best run out of each other every time it was beautiful site to watch.

Big shout out to Miller Brown and Sean Beckwith on not only the amazing runs they had but the love they showed off the wave real humble riders with amazing talent Along with every other rider I met that day!

The icing on the cake was meeting Adam Muller one of the most humble and focused person in this world and his energy he brings to the sport and the people around him is when  I knew I had chosen the best sport in the world! hope you all enjoy and thanks again for the opportunity to join this beautiful community and sport! ”

Keep your eyes out for Barnabas and his next collection from the 2018 Utah FLOW Tour events!