Be a Better You in 2017, Flowboarders – ON and OFF the Wave

There are a lot of mixed emotions that erupt when reflecting on 2016, and it’s not even over yet.  Some people are stoked on the year they have had, but others – not so much. We each have a story to tell and a timeline to fill, so along the way just remember to stay positive, whatever route yours takes.

No matter what, our team at will stay true to our core mission – growing the sport of flowboarding.  It’s also our official New Year’s Resolution.  We want to hear all about your resolutions and goals for the New Year, but before we do, let’s take a quick look back at 2016 in the world of FLOW (Flowboarding League of the World).

Globally so much happened in the world of flowboarding, so it would take for-EVER to list everything. Here are just a few key highlights from the year that helped move the sport of the flowboarding in the right direction and will help us reach our New Year’s goals in the upcoming year!

Combined, the US, Asia, Canadian and European FLOW Tours hosted nearly 50 competitions.  Leading us up to the prestigious, World Flowboarding Championships at Wave House Sentosa (Singapore), which provided the biggest event turnout to date for spectators and competitors.  The performance on the wave definitely turned up a notch!

The addition of the Canadian FLOW Tour happened this year too. We expect the momentum to continue to roll with this tour after the Canadian FLOW Team represented their region with serious pride and put a figurative maple leaf stamp on the sport.

We can’t tell you who yet, but FLOW has established new relationships with potential sponsors that are looking to help us expand flowboarding competitions to more continents. Be excited, flowboarders! While FlowRider, Inc. and WhiteWater West continue to install waves all over the world, new riders are spawning and becoming fanatics at an explosive rate.
Who knows where the FLOW will take you in 2017, but here are a few New Year’s Resolutions to get you started down the right path.

#1 Bring a friend or family member flowboarding – Share your passion and grow the flow. The simulated wave attraction is great for all ages (as long as you meet the height requirements), so while the 2016 calendar year may be over, it’s never too late to learn to ride the FlowRider®.

#2 Learn a new trick – The sport of flowboarding is progressing every day and the opportunity to land new tricks or even create a new trick is endless. Check out the video section of the website to see the latest and greatest tricks being thrown down by professional flowboarders all over the world.

#3 Enter a FLOW Tour competition – Flowboarding may be the fastest growing board sport that people have never heard of. Remember, you are better than the majority of the world at flowboarding, so show off your skills and see where you stack up against riders from around the country. You have nothing to lose! Check out the FLOW Tour page.

#4 Ride a new wave – There is roughly 200+ FlowRider waves and venues around the world, make plans to visit one of the unique destinations and ride a new wave! You could combine the previous resolution with this one and kill two birds with one stone. Check out the Locations and Competitions tab to find out more!

#5 Make new friends – With FlowRider wave simulators all over the world, naturally there are flowboarders and FlowRider fanatics all over the globe. Check out our Community section, create your own profile and reach out to a Flowboarder you have never met before. We are all one big happy Flow Family!

#6 Help us promote the sport of flowboarding – do it from the heart and the team will be right beside you doing the same thing. Be sure to stay social online and be active on with your rider profile.