Carmel Clay Leaves Flowboarders Craving More!

In a “roundabout” way, the 2016 FlowRider® FLOW Tour Prime Stop #11 hosted by the Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation Waterpark was the “coolest” thing in Indiana this summer!

If you don’t get the “quotations” (I’m doing air quotes as I re-read this out loud), you probably haven’t been to Carmel Clay, Indiana. Let’s just say all the roads are roundabout circles and the summer sun is hotter than, well you know what/where. However, that didn’t stop the best flowboarders in the country from attending Carmel Clay for their Waterpark’s Annual FLOW Tour contest.

Since installing the FlowRider® Double attraction in 2012 as part of an expansion project, Carmel Clay has hosted three consecutive FLOW-sanctioned events.  Year after year their competitions and local rider base continues to grow exponentially.  Their inaugural event in 2014 consisted of total of 35 competitors.  In 2015 the number of riders jumped up to 50 and in 2016 they racked up a total of 82 entries, making the event the largest turnout of the 2016 season so far.  With only 3 events in Utah remaining, this makes us feel great and we are stoked!

“We added the FlowRider because it is a skill based activity that brings riders back to the park for more so they can get better,” stated Monon Community Center Assistant Director, Eric Mehl.

The FLOW Tour competitions coincide with generating repeat business and is a great way to award the riders and give back to our community… not to mention bringing in Pros and other talented riders from around the country, feeding our tourism market and benefiting from word of mouth and social media is all greatly valued,” Mehl went on to clarify.

Among the 82 entries, many were locals defending and riding their home wave.  This was made very clear, as several of these riders made it all the way to the finals in their respected divisions. A dozen Pro Flowboarders and approximately 40 traveling competitors from all ends of the country, including north of the Canadian border were onsite to battle it out for FLOW Tour points, prizes and cash money.  Luckily for those that traveled the farthest, there were campgrounds nearby; many took advantage and camped throughout the weekend.  Flow. Eat. Camp. Repeat.

All three defending US Tour Champions and Pro Flowboarders, Brad Spencer, Nick Sanchez and Dee Daniels, were present.  From the start, they all aggressively set out to defend their titles, safeguard their 2016 campaign and to secure their back to back Division Titles. Jake Chipman (Utah), Andrew Shelton (Virginia) and McCall Christensen put the pressure on as they finished runner up in the Pro classes.

“This venue is building something special and by producing a fantastic event year in and year out it is quickly becoming a tradition that riders look forward to each season,” explains Adam Muller, FLOW Tour Coordinator. “The park and facilities have a lot to offer and the venue and staff is fantastic!” Muller added.

The Monon Community Center offers over 500 beautiful acres of prime real estate lined with roughly 8 miles of distinguished hiking/walking trails filled with trees, flowers, and green grass fields.  Pristine campgrounds and outdoor facilities allows travelers, guests and community members to experience a natural escape and a slice of the peaceful outdoors.  There is also a full skate park open to the public.  This is just the beginning of what the city of Carmel has to offer!

Although, all the aforementioned amenities are absolutely amazing and provide for a stunning experience, there’s actually more to list.  The Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation Department takes pride in their high-end indoor facilities – an indoor track, swimming pools, basketball courts, fitness center and plenty of air conditioned areas for their 5,000 programs and events offered on an annual basis.  Needless to say, Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation is constantly giving back to the community in various ways that are economically friendly and financially viable.

Indiana is known to reach some seriously hot temperatures as well as some plummeting temperatures throughout the seasons.  Those that attended the event along with flowboarders that competed were experienced first hand the extreme summer that Indiana has to offer.  Luckily, the competitor registration fees included an all access pass to the waterpark, keeping riders cooled off in between their heats and practice times on the FlowRider.

The sun wasn’t the only thing heating up, competitors did not hold back on the wave.  Everybody was determined to take home a top spot!

Stay tuned for video edits.  For now though, check out the photo gallery above and see the official competition results below.  We look forward to coming back to Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation for the 2017 FLOW Tour so stay social by following @FlowTour and @Flowboarders for all things flowboarding and we will see ya on the wave!


Adaptive Flow:

  1. Jessica Grief
  2. Michael Sharkey
  3. Londa Crane
  4. Daniel Peeler
  5. Ethan Vaugh

Youth BB:

  1. Brandon Marks
  2. Henry Sell
  3. Sky Rees
  4. Dorlinda Hickerson
  5. Xavier Pisockyj


  1. Joel Stevens
  2. Travis Crow
  3. Luke Koulouris
  4. Nate Brimacombe

Masters BB:

  1. Aaron Furman
  2. Calvin Hickerson
  3. Todd Marks
  4. Denise Rose

Female BB:

  1. Nicole Catalupo
  2. Cathy Rucker
  3. Caitlin Clifford
  4. Dorlinda Hickerson
  5. Marie-Eva Roubil

Mens BB:

  1. Robert Puls
  2. Calvin Hickerson
  3. Aaron Warner
  4. Yanni Mefsoutis

Pro BB:

  1. Nick Sanchez
  2. Andrew Shelton
  3. Joel Stevens
  4. Austin Kraus
  5. Jon Burrow/Brad Spencer

Youth FB:

  1. Seth Hansel
  2. Brandon Marks
  3. Taylor Braden
  4. Xavier Pisockyj
  5. Brinn Schaller


  1. Kade Cox
  2. Joel Stevens
  3. Jordan Walter
  4. Riley Scott

Masters FB:

  1. Mike Pappalardo
  2. Lou Wozniak
  3. Matt Scott

Female FB:

  1. Monica Caffrey
  2. Marie-Eva Roubil
  3. Taylor Braden
  4. Colleen Rose

Mens FB:

  1. Tyler Hentges
  2. Sean Robert
  3. Robert Puls
  4. Jon Burrow

Pro Womens FB:

  1. Dee Daniels
  2. McCall Christensen
  3. Caitlin Clifford
  4. Colleen Rose

Pro FB:

  1. Brad Spencer
  2. Jake Chipman
  3. Kade Cox
  4. Jordan Munoa
  5. Taylor Hales / Tyler Hentges


Get up and close personal with flowboarders by checking out this photo gallery:

Jordan Munoa Captures Carmel Clay