Cartoon Network Amazone – Thai Qualifier #2

Asia FLOW Tour 2016 Stop #5
Thai Qualifier #2
Cartoon Network Amazone, Thailand

Photos provided by: DKTD Video Productions and Cartoon Network Amazone

Now, back to Thailand. Cartoon Network Amazone hosted the second stop of the Thai-Circuit. Things started to unfold for Nazri Salim as he fumbled against his apprentice Tum Nonsee in the Flowboard semi-finals and getting knocked out.

BM Songkrod took advantage of the situation making no mistakes in the finals against Nonsee. This banked his second win in the Thai-Circuit!

Annie Flynn, Nazri Salim and BM Songkrod continued their reign as Thailand’s best in their respective divisions.


Juniors Bodyboard
1st: Oscar Wilkinson
2nd: Kobe Dhanji
3rd: Saserach Tomongkol

Juniors Flowboard
1st: Zaara Dhanji
2nd: Mnai Thap Janchote
3rd: Amy Green

Open Womens Flowboard
1st: Zaara Dhanji
2nd: Insinee Narula
3rd: Zaalim Piyaporn

Open Bodyboard
1st: Oscar Wilkinson
2nd: Ausy Rizvi
3rd: Kobe Dhanji

Open Flowboard 
1st: Isara Singto 
2nd: Folk Adithep
3rd: Panpoth Mahasaranon

Pro Womens Flowboard 
1st: Annie Flynn
2nd: Zaara Dhanji
3rd: Bobbie Wang

Pro Bodyboard 
1st: Nazri Salim
2nd: Folk Adithep
3rd: It Tamrongsak

Pro Mens Flowboard 
1st: BM Songkrod 
2nd: Tum Nonsee
3rd: Nazri Salim

Best Trick 
Bodyboard: BM Songkrod
Flowboard: BM Songkrod

Good effort from everyone the past weekend! The team from Surf House Phuket proves unstoppable with Annie Flynn and BM continuing their reign as Thailand’s best! We will conclude the Thai Circuit this weekend at Flow House Bangkok! Congratulations to all the winners!