Eastlink Centre Canadian FLOW Tour Pro/Am

Eastlink Centre took the next step in growing their flowboarding community and absorbed a lot of awareness for their FlowRider® surf simulator attraction in Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada this past weekend.

After hosting several in-house competitions and building a talented rider base on their FlowRider Single, they have upped the ante for competitors and are now a crucial competition venue for the Canadian FlowRider FLOW Tour moving forward.

Flowboarders from various provinces (Edmonton, Kelowna, etc…) across Canada gathered at the Eastlink Centre on Friday and Saturday August 25-26th to participate in the venue’s Inaugural Canadian FLOW Tour Pro/Am event.

“It was a ton of fun, I think it went really well and has major potential for the future!” says Nicole Nunn, Eastlink Centre Event Coordinator for The City of Grande Prairie, when asked her thoughts of the event. “We certainly look forward to hosting again in the future,” Nicole added.

Defending Canadian FLOW Tour Champions, Kade Cox and Jonathan Hintz, were present and successful in holding off the rest of the competitive field to secure 500 points in their respective divisions towards their 2017 title campaign.

“It was AWESOME to have the FLOW Tour come to my home wave!” explains Pro Flowboard Division winner and local rider, Kade Cox.

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Jonathan Hintz (Kelowna) was victorious in the Pro Bodyboard Division and was also runner up in the Pro Flowboard Division.

Local riders, Tayvee Malin (Female Flowboard), Kenyon Malin (Jr Flowboard) and Cole Theimann (Jr Bodyboard), were great representatives of the ever-advancing group that is slowly, but surely growing at the Eastlink Centre wave.

“Kenyon Malin, Jr. Flowboarder, probably had the best day of riding all around,” mentions Adam Muller, Flowboarding League of the Word, Head Judge. “Kenyon displayed lots of control and stomped all his tricks with poise – this kid will progress fast.” Muller claims.

Alphonse Gratz (Edmonton), Isaac Webster and Cole Watts (Kelowna) were some other event stand-outs that made the podium and put the champs against the ropes in the “Challenge the Champ” Pro Finals.

After watching flowboarders in the competition, new guests swarmed the wave super eager to test their skills on the FlowRider attraction. Canadian Champions, Kade and Jonathan, took notice and hung back to providing basic instructions.  Not many first-timers get pro tips from the actual pros!!  How cool is that!?

Scroll up and check out the photo gallery above! – Results Below.

Contest Results:

Youth Bodyboard

  1. Cole Theimann
  2. Chidera O.

Female Flowboard

  1. Tayvee Malin

Jr Flowboard

  1. Issac Webster
  2. Cole Watts
  3. Kenyon Malin
  4. Tayvee Malin

Open Bodyboard

  1. Cole Watts
  2. Cole Theimann
  3. Chidera O.

Men’s Flowboard

  1. Jonathan Hintz
  2. Issac Webster
  3. Alphonse Gratzfeld
  4. Cole Watts

“Challenge the Champ” Pro Bodyboard

  1. Jonathan Hintz – 500 points
  2. Cole Watts – 430 points

“Challenge the Champ” Pro Flowboard

  1. Kade Cox – 500 points
  2. Jonathan Hintz – 430 points
  3. Issac Webster- 365.5 Points