European FLOW Champs: Photo Gallery

Thank you to everyone that competed this year at the FlowRider European FLOW Tour Championships here at Surf Lounge Ibiza!

Check out the photo gallery above! 

Here are the official results:

Mens Flowboard
1. Tim van Dortmont
2. Quincy Vlijtig
3. Chris Forsdike
4. Stefan Westlund

Women’s Flowboard
1.Tegan Storm
2. Leanna Crowley
3. Millie Clark
4. Dani Groppe

Pro Bodyboard:
1. Sam Powell
2. Davie Forsdike
3. Tegan storm
4. Blaze L’Enfant

Jr Flowboard:
1. Blaze L’Enfant
2. Gijs Van der Meij
3. Leo
4. Davie Forsdike

Masters Flowboard
1. Jeremy Brdn
2. Adrian L’Enfant
3. Iri Na
4. Dani Groppe

A BIG THANK YOU AND PAT ON THE BACK to Sam Powell for his effort in bringing the event together and a massive shout to Surf Lounge Ibiza for the continued support in the FlowRider European FLOW Tour Championships. Another a great event and competition! Cheers to all!