FLOW Tour Jerseys

FLOW Tour Jerseys – 5 key details

This year’s FLOW Tour competition jerseys are bold and will come in purple, red, green, blue and yellow!  These different color jerseys are made exclusively for Flowboarding League Of the World-sanctioned competitions and flowboarders take honor in wearing them on their backs when they take the wave for competition! 

Each season the USA FlowRider® FLOW Tour in partnership with SuperDuper Surf, creates new designs for these competition jerseys to keep things fresh and improve the sport. Check out some of the photos in the gallery above!

Are you ready for a sneak peak of the 2017 USA FlowRider FLOW Tour competition jerseys

These exclusive and edgy jerseys have evolved over the years and not only look cool, but they play a key role in the competitions.  For those of you that are FLOW Tour veterans and have tossed on the singlet countless numbers of times, you are most likely aware of the importance.  For you novice competitors and new FLOW Tour members, we are going to break down the highlights of a jersey and fill you in on 5 key details.

1.) FLOW Logo – What does FLOW stand for? FLOW stands for (Flowboarding League Of the World) and is the governing body of the sport. The FLOW logo presented along the ribs and back lets you know that you are competing on the premier tour for flowboarding. 

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2.) SuperDuper Surf (SDS)- Who makes these awesome jerseys? Can I get one? SDS is a longtime FLOW Tour sponsor and has provided the official jerseys for competition for many years.  Started by well-known flowboarders Andy Hasse (voice of the sport), and Robert Puls (Veteran FLOW Tour Member).  SuperDuper Surf features the brightest and loudest colors you can find – definitely geared towards inspiring people to stand out in the crowd.

You can order similar styles to match the FLOW Tour or you can customize your own jerseys! Also, if you are lucky enough to win your division, there is a good chance you will get to take home one of these official bad boys. 

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3.) Colors – Why are there different colors and which one do I wear?  The color of these jerseys is important because it establishes the rider order and simplifies the rider identification process for the judges.

It is important that the jersey you wear on the wave matches the color that appears next to your name on the heat sheet, otherwise the scores may be recorded for a different rider and results will be skewed.  

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4.) Numbers – What does the number mean?  These numbers determine a competitor’s heat ranking and run order. When assigned to a color and number in your heat, you are also being assigned a rank in that particular heat. The highest ranked rider in the heat always rides last.  And in case you forget the ride order in the middle of the heat, just check down at your hip for a quick reminder.

Just like matching your jersey to the color next to your name on the heat sheet, be sure that the number on your jersey matches the number on the heat sheet as well.  It is crucial that riders take their runs in their assigned order, otherwise this could cause confusion when scores are awarded by the judges and can potentially be recorded for the wrong rider. 

For example, the blue jersey has the number 4 on it. This indicates to everyone that the rider in this jersey is the fourth competitor to take a run in that particular heat.  This rider would go after rider number 3 (that competitor would be in a green jersey) and you are ranked higher than three other riders in the heat. 

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5.) Sponsors – Who are they?  We can’t forget the sponsors, because without them all this wouldn’t be possible!  These logos are a reminder of their continuous support for our beloved sport!  Be sure to check out their social media accounts and support those brands supporting you! And if you see them onsite during a competition, be sure to head over to their vendor tent and give them a big thank you to show your appreciation.

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