FLOW Tour Membership (2019) Powered by Stact App

FLOW Tour Membership Details:

First, if you don’t already have the Stact App, download it fo’ free! The Stact App is game changer and makes the future for Flowboarding even brighter.

FLOW Tour Memberships will be available directly on the Stact App (coming soon!) and riders are encouraged to set up their rider profiles and follow along at events and overall season ranking updates.

FLOW point standings will now play a larger role and will in turn include more flowboarders across the country.

Membership Includes:

  • STACT App Profile
  • National Rankings
  • World Rankings
  • FlowRiderShop.com Discounts
  • Venue Discounts
  • T-Shirt
 PRE-REGISTER TODAY & SAVE $10! Registration form below.


PRE-REGISTER TODAY & SAVE $10! Registration form below.