FLOW Tour Membership

FLOW Tour Member Benefits:

This card entitles the member to compete in any FLOW Sanctioned event, earn points toward their National Rankings and receive member benefits/discounts.

  • Discounted entry fees (No ‘per event fees’)
  • National Rankings
  • FlowRiderShop.com Discount codes
  • Select venue discounts
  • FLOW Tour select sponsor discounts

*Competitors must present this card to receive benefits/discounts and point allocation

How much does it cost?

The yearly fee will be $30 for all divisions. This is a onetime fee. You can either have the membership card mailed or you may pick it up at your next event!

Where can I purchase a membership?

You can purchase a FLOW Tour Membership at any of the FLOW Tour Prime events. Please see the event director or stop by the judging compound for more information. Cash Only.

You can purchase membership online from anywhere! Visit FlowRiderShop.com and check out the featured/latest products!

Click here to go straight to purchasing a membership: https://www.flowridershop.com/shop/flowtour-2016-membership/

How do I earn points/rankings?

First, sign up for a membership. Once you are a member, from there on out your FLOW sanction event results will be held in a database. You will earn points for placing in the competion, please the updated Rule Book for point allocations.

You will only earn points toward your rankings after you become a member. You cannot sign up at the end of the season if you had a couple good events and expect to be awarded all those past points. Only events after you become a member will count towards your season ranks. If you are attending Stop #1 at Silver Rapids Waterpark and you want to earn points for this event you must become a member prior to event start on April 16th. Thanks ALL!

What’s the difference between Prime and Pro/Am FLOW Tour events?

Prime Events are the featured events of the season. These events attack a lot of traveling competitors and have guaranteed Prize money for the Pro Divisions. In addition, Prime events have a heavier weighted point allocation towards your National Rankings.

Pro/Am events do not have a guaranteed prize purse and less points are awarded. These tend to attract less traveling competitors. However, these are great local events and a good way to earn some Tour points!

How many events are counted toward your National Rankings?

8. FLOW Tour members will add up their points from top 8 results (Prime or Pro/Am) to get one combined point total. The rider with the most points from their top 8 results will be the National Champion of their respected divisions.

NON FLOW Tour Members

Competitors will be subject to a per event fee.

A rider may also choose instead to pay the “per event” fee, which will be $10.

The “per event” fee only applies to an event on the FLOW Tour. Per event fees will be collected in CASH ONLY day of the event by FLOW Tour Director.

FLOW Rules & Regulations:

FLOW Rules and Regulations

Download the Official 2016 US FLOW Tour Rule Book:

2016 Rule Book