FlowCiety Test Rides the 2018 Models From FlowRiderShop.com

Like all new models – the board has to go through testing. FlowRiderShop.com only offers Pro Rider Tested and FlowRider Approved products.

In November, riders such as Nick Nguyen, Alex Ordica, Adam Muller and other known FLOW Tour competitors tested out the 2018 Graphite models.

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The NEW Graphite Shuv-it and Carve models for 2018 feature a revamped construction process. This makes the board stronger, more durable for advance riding and still allows it to maintain its light weight.

The step channel feature has been updated for these models and will extend 10” down from the nose and tail, providing just the right amount of grab underneath your feet when setting up for tricks. Additionally, this allow allows for a stronger rail.

After getting some feedback from Pro Riders at the most prestigious event of the year, we felt it was important to get some thoughts from the everyday consumers, not just team riders or professionals.

A few weeks ago, not to long after getting back from the World Flowboarding Championships at Aquaworld Cancun, FlowRiderShop​.com sent @Flowciety​ the BRAND NEW 2018 Graphite Shuv-It board to test and review.

Stephen’s first board was the Shuv-It model, and although this model has adapted over the years, according to Stephen, the board  “Spins well, rides, well, cruising board and it’s FUN!  I threw all my tricks out right of the bat.”

The 2018 Graphite Shuv-It Extreme board was designed to appeal to various ride styles from beginner to intermediate levels, but to stay within a specific price range. THIS is why we let “The Tribe” take it for a test run!

“For me, the board sets into the wave extremely well.  For this price point, it’s incredible and really stacks up!” explains members of the Tribe during the video interview and recap of the board.  Although, it’s great for novice riders, some FlowRider Team​ & Pro flowboarders​, including Asia Star, Isara Singto The Simba​, Nei Isara​, have taken a serious liking to the model (WATCH CLIPS BELOW)! “It’s a fantastic board for newbies, but caters to advanced riding as well,” added Boomer.

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These dudes (Stephen & Boomer) were not paid for this review and gave their complete unbiased opinion on the board and how it rode. Thanks for the feedback and support! #growtheflow

Who are the dudes from FlowCiety, check out a featured post for more details! CLICK HERE!

In addition to putting this together, Adam linked the FlowCiety crew up with Chad Wright, a local flowboarder at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and a FR Team Ambassador.  Chad was returning from a long road trip, cruising through Arizona, Chad had an itch and was looking to catch a session on the FlowRider. Can you blame him?  We all know how dry that desert gets!

Needless to say, we know some people who know some people! So stay social!

With all stars aligning, Chad hit up Adam, Adam hit up Flowciety, who hit up Mesa Rhodes Aquatic Center, who allowed a private flow session for the filming of these videos!

Special thanks to FlowRiderShop.com and Mesa Rhodes Aquatic Center for making this happen!