FlowRider Christmas-How the Grinch nearly stole it

FlowRider® Christmas (How the Grinch nearly stole it)

‘Twas the night before Christmas and across our great nation,

flowboarders began slashing at every flow station.

At every FlowRider, while waiting in line, whether on your favorite home wave or carving on mine.

The water was warm and the waves kept us flowing,

with the hopes of smiling flowboarders definitely showing.

The riders were shredding, landing all their tricks, 

but the Grinch had other plans; oh he thought he was slick.

Santa (Parker Payne – Pro Wake Surfer) with his flowboard and in his red suit;

the happiest elf (Ashley Kidd – Pro Wake Surfer) with her boards and green boots, They charmed up a session to spread holiday cheer;

all was just fine, until the Grinch would appear.

When out on the wave there arose such a chatter, 

But to the flowboarders, having so much fun, it seemed nothing was a matter. Carving around the wave like a Christmas cookie cutter, the boards were riding smooth on the water like butter. 

With all the holiday cheer and nothing to fear, the Grinch saw his opening to get very near.

Santa, plump and jolly, saw that the Grinch needed a lesson, as he was not wearing his wrist band for the flow session; 

he decided right then to end the Grinch’s ill opportunity (to steal Christmas),

and wiped-out the Grinch, saving the flowboarder community!

The Grinch learned his lesson on that winter flow session, and though had nothing to say…

We could all tell that his Flow-Heart grew three sizes that day. 

And then – the true meaning of Christmas came through,

and the Grinch decide to wish a Merry Christmas to you!


Concept by : Ashley Kidd, Aaron Witherell, and Parker Payne
Cinematography by: Mark Payne
Directed by: Sean Reavis

Written by: Adam Muller & Sean Reavis
Venue: Aqua Shop Plano

Special Thanks to: Boarders Magazine