FlowRider Fails

The FlowRider® is an extremely fun attraction for all ages, however, it can be very humbling.  If you have every tried to FlowRider, most likely it took you a few attempts to get the feel of the water rushing 20+ miles per hour.  This is one reason that FlowRider, Inc. strongly suggests that first-time participants take their first ride on their belly with a bodyboard.  After that initial ride, riders usually have more confidence and a better chance of getting better with each and every session!

The FlowRider FLOW Tour features the best flowboarders from around the world.  With a division for just about all ages and skill levels, the tour is their stage to showcase their skills on the wave in front of their friends, family members, random spectators and a panel of sanctioned judges.

If you thought just riding the wave was hard, now try to squeeze in your best tricks in 30-40 seconds with all eyes on you!  Although it’s nearly impossible, judges are looking for perfect execution on all tricks attempted in the time allowed.

So with that being said, we appreciate all efforts and attempts, but you have to admit that some of the wipeouts/fails are entertaining to watch – it’s all part of the fun!  Luckily all FlowRiders are equipped with a patented tensioned ride surface that actually gives way to riders that bail.

Check out some FAILS/Wipe Outs from the 2016 FlowRider FLOW Tour at Flow House LBI