FlowRider FLOW Tour Prime Stop #6 – Flow House Wildwood

Splash Zone Waterpark is the best way to cool off from the summer heat if you’re hanging on the beaches of Wildwood, New Jersey.  The famous Flow House Wildwood is the hottest spot on the boardwalk once the sun goes down.

This past Friday night, after the local pass holders and public guests were done splashing and sliding in the waterpark and enjoying the perfect wave, powered by FlowRider, the venue turned into a competition arena and family-friendly night club – beach style!

“Spectators were sprinkling in all throughout the day, popping in to grab a cold beverage and check out all the action on and off the wave,” reports Roger Chewning, Flow House Wildwood Operations Manager.

More than 50 competitors, battled it out on a FlowRider®­­ Double wave machine in efforts to claim gear prizes, cash and most importantly, to stack points towards a National Championship.  DJ Jay spun the tunes all night while FLOW Tour competitors put on a show for restaurant guests and spectators.  Then to top the competition off – EPIC fireworks!!

“Participants from all over the country, youth riders to professionals, filled the event and pushed the local talent to defend their home wave,” said Adam Muller, FLOW Tour Manager.

Local Rider, Billy Murphy, raised the level of competition in the Youth Flowboard Division with stylish riding and advanced-level tricks. Billy took home a new flowboard from FlowRiderShop.com and the Gold FLOW Tour medal. Joe Moran, another local competitor, held it down in the Men’s Flowboard Division and Flow House Wildwood shredder, Danny Tepper, busted on the podium in Pro Bodyboard, taking home the Bronze medal, cash and declared his Pro status moving forward in the Bodyboard Division.

The Pro divisions were a pleasure to watch and provided extra excitement as always.  Austyn Bynon, looking to secure a National Title, held off Monica Caffrey in the Women’s Pro Division.
After battling through early rounds, former World Champion, Daniel Tarpchak met head to head with 5x World Champ, Nick Nguyen. Tarapchak was on his game and was smooth as ever as he notched Nguyen for 1st and added a 1,000 points to his Tour campaign. Tarapchak was double dipping as he also found himself in the Men’s Pro Flowboard final, with a chance to take down top-seeded Sean Silveira and double the money he already banked.  The final came down to the final runs; with only one run counting.

“Daniel’s third run raised the stakes and put the pressure back on Sean,” explains Head judge, Adam Muller.

Silveira didn’t back down and went out with a fight, laying down a solid run, just not as clean as he needed to overtake Daniel’s score.

“It came down to a split decision between judges,” states Muller. “ With only one counting, the new head to head format certainly changes the game,” adds Muller.

Silveira saw both ends of the game as it worked in his advantage when facing Cole Ditzel, who put together a solid heat in the semifinal round. However, on the other end, that same format, kept Silveira from standing on top of the winner’s podium.

As always we want to thank our contributing sponsors along with the hosting venue.  Without all of your wonderful support we couldn’t make this happen and we look forward to being back on the boardwalk next season!

See Ya On the Wave!