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If you tuned into the Flow Friday Flow talk a few weeks back, you may have heard Adam & Nick discussing potential plans for a trip to South Korea. Also, many of you have probably seen the Instagram and social media post showing the inflatable FlowRider® Mobile wave, pulling in and arriving at its new home. Well, really the mobile is nomadic (like our flowboarders community), and who knows where it ends up next! We figured we would give you some more details on this project and why we are looking forward to next week and the future.

The FlowRider Mobile was invented to bring the excitement and lifestyle of the FlowRider attraction, just about anywhere in the world.  The first iteration was awesome & spent many weeks during a few consecutive summers at the Canadian National Expo.  The 2nd iteration is where we introduced the inflatable version though.  With inflatable side walls and ride surface, this version pumped up (pun intended) the safety along with the fun!

By now you have probably heard of Flow House™ Seoul, established in 2015.  It’s 1 of 9 FlowRider Flow House locations around the world.

Over the years, they have invited and hosted top-name professional flowboarders and former World Flowboarding Champions, Nick Nguyen and Jake Chipman.  The Flow House crew is a very energetic crew, led by the owner, San Jung.  Jake and Nick are passionate flowboarders, always have been, but these locals wanted to introduce the guys to their lifestyle and their passion for the sport and attraction.  The flow love was felt, regardless of the language barrier.

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So back to the FlowRider Mobile story – San Jung and his investment team have made a new home for it in, you guessed it, in South Korea!  The wave landed over there this week and Sean Silveira and Andy Haase are not far behind (arrived today).  Sean and Andy have been the two main operators/leads on the FlowRider Mobile rentals/activations since it was built, so San Jung made sure they had plane tickets straight from Florida to Seoul.

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Adam Muller, the Retail and Merchandise/Sports Marketing Manager and Rob Chalfant, Operations and Materials Manager, will be right behind them early next week.  While onsite, this whole US-based crew will help set up the wave, test it out (a.k.a. shred) and to essentially help promote the sport of flowboarding.

San Jung hopes that by bringing a combination of FlowRider experts and flowboarding champions to his home town for this launch, the sport will explode in popularity.  With rapidly increasing ridership in South Korea, the forthcoming tour of the mobile wave within South Korea, the building of more venues and potential sponsorships, we could even see the World Flowboarding Championships in Seoul in the upcoming years.

Considering that the average temperature is set to be ~20° F next week in Seoul, this behind-the-scenes action should be pretty interesting.  So keep an eye out for our live feeds and blog posts straight out of South Korea!  We can’t wait to introduce their community to the rest of ours!

With all the being said, stay social and up to date with Flowboarders.com as Adam and crew will be going live and updating us from the future of flowboarding.  No really, the future, they will be 17 hours ahead!  See ya on the wave!


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