FlowRider Shop Presents…

Daniel Tarapchak take his talents to FlowRider Shop!

FlowRider® has recently launched a video contest in search for passionate, skilled and positive flowboarders to join their FlowRider Shop Team; they have selected their first addition to the team, Daniel Tarapchak.

If you are familiar with the FLOW Tour and our community of Flowboarders, this rider needs no introduction, but we are going to give him one anyway, he’s that good! (Video Proof Below)

Daniel is the 2012 PRO Men’s World Bodyboard Champion, 2014 Courage Award Winner & 2015 Sportsmanship Award Winner. In addition to his resume, he is probably the most chill, positive and kind person you will come across, on or off the wave. Oh, did we mention he rips – both diciplines – bodyboard and flowboard.

“We are stoked to bring Daniel aboard, he is one of those kids who truly deserves the opportunity and we are going to support him as best we can going forward” states Rob Chalfant, GM of Merchandise and Retail for FlowRiderShop.com. “Keep an eye out for our Performance Bodyboard line and a DT model boards in the future!” Chalfant added.

Since signing with FlowRider Shop, Daniel has made several trips down to San Diego from his home town of Temecula to visit the FlowRider headquarters, ride the waves at WaveHouse San Diego and test out boards. “The performance line feels great, I am looking forward to riding the boards, promoting the brand and helping grow the sport” mentioned Daniel.

“What keeps me going is the excitement of meeting new people through the sport, and also traveling to different parts of the world I wouldn’t normally think of going to” he said when we asked Daniel what kept him motivated and passionate about flowboarding all these years. His parents Tom and Paula have been his biggest fans and supported him since day 1!

Trapchak has been involved in the sport of flowboarding since he can remember, the age of six to be specific (just see photos 3 & 4  above) so he is no stranger to waves, boards, or competition. “At 18 years old and many years of competition under his belt, he will be a top contender on the FLOW Tour for years to come” explains Adam Muller, FLOW Tour Coordinator.

If you have every seen Daniel ride, he is smooth, quick and gets a lot of amplitude under his tricks.. which is why we had to slow some of these clips down in the video. Watch for yourself and try to keep up!

For more information on the FlowRider Shop Performance bodyboards please visit www.FlowRiderShop.com or e-mail Rob@FlowRider.com

& if you are interested, we have insider information saying that FlowRider will extend their search through the 2016 FLOW Tour season. So grab your GoPros and gear up flowboarders!

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