FT17 Tour Tips

Let us guess, you plan on competing in some or all of the USA FlowRider® FLOW Tour events this season, but you don’t have it all planned out yet? No worries, that’s totally fine!

Whether you are a seasoned Pro, touring veteran or a first timer, it’s important to know more than just the names of the venues hosting at all of these awesome tour stops. We have complied a handful of “Tour Tips” to help you prepare for the season and Go With The Flow™.

Become A Member:

Buy a 2017 FLOW Tour membership for a one-time fee of $30.00.  If you plan to compete in three or more events, it pays for itself and then some!  It is good for the entire season of competition.

This card entitles members to compete in any FLOW-sanctioned event (Prime or Pro/Am), earn points toward their National Rankings and receive member benefits/discounts.  Funds collected for FLOW Tour Memberships go right back into the making the tour as awesome as possible for all members.

Competitors who are not FLOW Tour members, may also choose instead to pay the “per event” fee, which will be $10.  The “per event” fee only applies to official FLOW Tour events.  These fees will be collected in CASH ONLY on the day of each event by the FLOW Tour Director.

Join today: https://www.flowridershop.com/shop/flowtour-2017-membership/

Sign up in advance:

Competitors have asked for it, so we are delivering it.  FLOW Tour entry forms for each contest can be found online via the event pages on Flowboarders.com under the competitions tab.

In some FLOW Tour events last year, the number of competitors broke records, so we expect spots to fill up fast this year.  If you know you are traveling to compete in an event, or you are a local competitor, lock in your spot in advance!  Entry payments will be collected on site via the venue representatives upon arrival and at check-in.

You don’t need to pay up front but it is crucial that you sign up in advance so that the venue and event coordinators can be prepared.

In 2017 strict registration cut offs will be in place.  Competitors who register after practice sessions or the day of the event will be subject to a late fee. Sign up for event number one the event page here: https://www.flowboarders.com/competitions/1-kick-off-silver-rapids-waterpark-idaho-april-22/ 

Know your flow:

What time is practice? When is my heat? What color do I wear?

Flowboarders.com, venue managers and Tour Coordinators do an amazing amount of planning and organizing for each and every event.  Be sure to constantly check event agendas and heat schedules as they are subject to change and check in at least one heat in advance.  We don’t want you to be confused ever, let alone competition day!  Stay updated on Flowboarders.com’s social media accounts, event pages and online schedules.

Stay on site:

Don’t lug your boards and bags around or get stressed about traffic and potentially missing your heat.  Instead, bunk up with some other competitors and take advantage of the hosting venue’s discounts or local sponsoring hotel offerings.

Explore the venue:

Although we are all fanatics about the FlowRider wave simulators and that is what has essentially drawn us to these unique locations, take advantage of the down time and explore the venues. Whether we are in a waterpark, municipality or standalone venue, they each have something unique to offer.

Adventure around the community:

As we mentioned, the FlowRider FLOW Tour will take you to some places you never thought you would travel, thus providing the opportunity for adventure.  Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and get the feel for other cultures and communities.

Support the sponsors:

We can’t do it without them, so support those supporting you!  Throughout the season our generous sponsors contribute prize offerings and overall support for these events.  It can add up fairly quickly!  In addition to their direct-to-tour contributions, a majority of them offer FLOW Tour Members-only discounts!  When members order directly through their respective websites, they save some dough with these sweet deals!

When sponsors are onsite, be sure to stop by their vendor tents, check out their products and say thank you for their support.  Many times these sponsors will have raffle drawings, giveaways and fun games.  Why not take home some extra swag!?

For those vendors not on site, check out their social media accounts, “Like” their pages and Tag them along the way!

Stay Social and Share the love:

You are going to do it anyway, so share the love!  Stay social and grow the flow by posting, tagging, liking, sharing and commenting!  You could even go the extra mile and leave a review for the hosting venues on Trip Advisor.  A little love goes a long way!