FT18 Prime Stop #7: Waterville USA Photo Gallery & Results

Since 2017, 11 consecutive years running, Waterville USA has hosted the FlowRider FLOW Tour competitions.

The Waterpark and Amusement rides at Waterville USA are second to none on the Gulf Shores and the flowboarders community is eager to return year in and year out to do battle on one of the venues main attractions, the FlowRider Double.

Riders from Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Colorado, California and more made the trip to the Gulf Shores to participate in the competition of a field of over 50 riders. As always, Waterville USA owners laid out the red carpet for ride time, food and fun! Shout out the entire staff for making our community feel welcomed with the southern hospitality and of course big thanks to our Official FLOW Sponsors and local contributors, we couldn’t do it with out!

The event and had tremendous prize offerings to give the finalists and the event sponsors were generous and responsible for adding an additional $ 2,500.00 worth of product on top of the FLOW Tour sponsors, plus the $2,500 in cash prizes for PROS! Big shout to out the local contributors for raising the bar, such as:


Massanutten Water Park     Hats,shirts,passes      $ 500.00

Madrid SkateBoards            1 Long Board              $ 150.00

Flow Daily                          40 bags/ 12 shirts        $ 500.00

Ebodyboarding                    6 certificates               $ 100.00

WCB                                  1 NS Pro/Grips           $ 375.00

Bombers Eyewear               30 Glasses                 $ 1,0000.00

Body Glove                         3 pair Water shoes      $ 180.00


Check out the photo gallery (above) and competition results (below).

We look forward to seeing everyone on the wave for the Bama Slamma next year!