FT18 Stop #1 Recap from Kellogg

Silver Rapids Waterpark Stop #1: Recap

The FlowRider FLOW Tour kicked off last weekend in Kellogg, Idaho.  Prime Stop #1 was hosted by Silver Mountain & Silver Rapids Waterpark.  With 2 weekends left to go on the slopes, Silver Mountain provided the perfect combination of actions and activities.  We are stoked that the 2018 FLOW Tour started with fresh snow fall and clean mountain air!


“Growing up on the coast of the US, all I really knew was the sand and ocean,” explains Adam Muller, FLOW Tour Coordinator. Up until the last 5 years, I couldn’t have even pointed Idaho out on the map,” Muller continued. Now, I look forward to returning each year and appreciate the beauty of the of the scenery and all the region has to offer,” he adds.

The FlowRider FLOW Tour brings those vibes and that fun lifestyle anywhere.  The Tour connects a lot of people from a lot of different places ALL over the globe – this is what the FlowRider team lives for and why it’s so important to them to keep growing this sport!

“It was an out of body experience! My first time seeing snow and massive mountains!” shouts out Josh Soto, Pro competitor from Miami, FL.  Muller is not the only one amazed by the scenic views and pristine environment.

Transforming the indoor waterpark into a competitive area, flowboarders from near are far gathered in Kellogg to showcase their skills on the hosting venues FlowRider® Double sheet wave attraction. FlowRider® FLOW Tour members and competitors battled it out for prizes, tour standings, $3,500.00 in cash prizes and of course the most desirable, Golden Ticket seeded slot into the US FlowRider FLOW Tour National Championships in Orlando, FL this August.

Of course, this is a family friendly event, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t see some serious sibling rivalry during the competition! “From the kickoff party to the closing ceremony, this Tour kicked-off beautifully!” states Eric Mewhinney.  Eric is a local and tour sponsor (CCI Carpita Construction) an avid Flowboarder and FLOW Tour member/competitor. “I love having these awesome people in my backyard.  It obviously brings a lot of value to the mountain and local community too.”

The weekend featured a lot of action on and off the wave.  It started with a party and free food provided by Buffalo Wild Wings and beverages by Pepsi/Aquafina.  Competitors gathered for a welcome meeting and hangout session before getting tons of practice hours on the wave!

Saturday morning kicked off with Team Idaho and the Adaptive Division!  Adam, Jeremiah, Irina and Zack were all putting on a show and in full control moving around the FlowRider while other competitors and spectators cheered them on!

Following the Adaptive Flow Division, Riley Yount (Texas) and the Burgess sisters (local sibling shredders), started off scoring runs in the Youth Bodyboard Division.  Riley managed to complete his choreographed runs and secure the Golden Ticket.

In the Youth Flowboard division, riders seamlessly worked their way through semi-final rounds.  Kenyon Malin held on to top spot with Kegan McDuffie coming in at a close second.

These 12/under competitors were a positive reminder of what the future holds for the sport of flowboarding.

On the flip side, the Masters (35+) Flowboard Division was claimed by local competitor and board sponsor, Jeremie “MAK” Miller, followed by Andy B. and Jeremy B., who were not far behind.

Jordan Walter (Iowa) was victorious in Jr Bodyboard and also came runner-up to Jonathan Hintz (Canada) in JR. Flowboard.

Local rider Aaron May, held off Eamonn Orr (P and defended his home wave in the Men’s Bodyboard category.  The Men’s Flowboard division was a great one to watch too, as Jacob B (Utah)., Andrew A. (Idaho), Eli M. (Colorado), and Jaxon M. (Canada) were all tight in scores until Jaxon broke away and earned himself a Golden Ticket for Nationals in Orlando, FL.

The Female Flowboard division, presented by DIFF Eyewear and Alana Wetsuits, was a site for sore eyes! Five amateur riders battled in out for 2 spots to move into the Pro Finals to face the defending event champ and pre-qualified, McCall Christensen-Payne.  In the finals, McCall was met by Maddy Anderson and her very own younger sister, Taryn Christensen.  At the end of 3 runs, Taryn was victorious for her first time in Pro competition against McCall and earned her self the 1st place finish.  Taryn claimed her entry fee back and passed along the Prize money to her sister as she prefers to obtain her amateur status and quest for a national championship the respected divisions.

Pro Riders went to work in an exciting format which allowed them to go big in all rounds and have the best opportunity to meet the judge’s criteria.  Note: Throughout the Tour, the format will vary slightly in Pro divisions depending on the number of entries, but ideally there will be one non-elimination round and come down to a 3-competitor final.

Pro Bodyboard featured the top 3 ranked competitors in the world, along with other notable FLOW Tour veterans and stand-outs from various corners of the continent.  The final featured well-known legends, Daniel Tarapchak (2012 & 2017 WFC BB Champ), Nick Nguyen (5x WFC BB Champ) and Sean Beckwith (currently rank #2 in the world). While Nick put up a good fight and was biting at the heels, Daniel out did him with speed and amplitude. However, DT’s style and grace was not enough to outdo Beckwith who not only raised the level of difficulty in his runs with some variations but also was extremely innovative with a maneuvers throughout the rounds.

Pro Bodyboard Final:

As for the Pro Flowboard division, it was high intensity battle from start to finish.  In the semi-final rounds, Nate Murray was going for broke on his level of difficulty and just couldn’t quite connect while Kade Cox (2x Canadian Champion) stuck to his guns and outperformed Nate to secure his spot in the 3- man final.

In the finals, style and steez took home the win.  Daniel Tarapchak managed to hold of Kade and Scott Callens who were just a little too sloppy for the judges’ liking.

Pro Flowboard Final:

Thanks to presenting sponsors, CCI Construction & The Black Pear Casino, along with supporting sponsor Dave Smith Motors.  Due to their generosity, the Pros split up $3,500 cash!  The big bread winner was Daniel Tarapchak, who double dipped and made finals in both Pro FB and Pro BB earning a pay day of $1,100.00. Not bad for an afternoon on the flow.

Hats off to competitors in all divisions for their efforts and display of riding!  Stay social and Go With The Flow™ as the FlowRider FLOW Tour heads to Rapids Water Park in West Palms Beach, FL for Prime Stop #2!

See ya on the wave!

TEASER VIDEO: Stay social via @flowboarder for the full length edit to come!


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