The 2019 FlowRider® FLOW Tour season has kicked off and FlowRider venues all over the United States are starting to turn their FLOW MODE: ON, welcoming the flowboarders community from near and far to their venues for a chance to compete on the popular wave simulator.

“The FLOW Tour is generally a summer time gig, but with more waves being installed and a continuously growing rider base, we can see it trending towards a year-round events schedule,” claims Tour Coordinator, Adam Muller.

With FlowRider attractions being located indoors, outdoors, at sea and just about everywhere in between, for the past 3 years, FlowRider FLOW Tour Prime Stop #1 has been presented by CCI and hosted at Silver Rapids Waterpark located at the bottom of  Silver Mountain in Kellog, Idaho.

The Indoor attractions and onsite accommodations provided for an awesome platform to kick off the season (April 13th) and get things flowing early. Additionally, it allowed flowboarders the opportunity to snowboard the mountain on its final weekend of operations, enjoy the fresh air, take in the scenery and enjoy all that Idaho has to offer.

Check out results and photos from Prime Stop #1, gear up for Prime Stop #2 and Rapids Water Park and keep reading to Know Your Flow for the season ahead!

With feedback from our flowboarders community, a couple adjustments and updates have been made to divisions, formats and rankings for the US FLOW Tour. Be sure to download the Stact App and follow the FLOW Organization.

In years past, Prime events were the only competitions offering points and ranking implications.

There will now be National and Regional Rankings at stake for all divisions on Tour, creating more incentives at local Pro/Am events. FLOW has also added the opportunity for Youth Riders (13/under) to enter up an age bracket (JR 17/under) or Pro, as well as creating a Grand Master division for riders 50+, hoping to encourage riders in the surrounding areas to challenge each other an gather as many riders as we can for the US National Championships hosted by Waterville USA, August 17th.

Additionally, moving forward, the US Tour will be broken down into four regions. West Coast, Central, North East and South East. Each Official FLOW event on the calendar will play a role in determining the top flowboarders for each region and nation.

Prime Events will still determine the National FLOW Rankings, Tour Rankings and final seeding for National Championships, but Pro/Am events will impact Regional Rankings.

The US FLOW Tour Champion will be based on Prime events and will be the Tour Champion. Tour Champion (top 5 results accumulated); will have top seed at Nationals.

Winner of Nationals contest will be National Champion.

Regional Rankings will be determined by all regional results, including both Prime and Pro/Am, Regional Champions are based on the Prime and Pro/Am events attended in your region. Regional division champions will represent their region at Nationals.

See below Region Breakdowns:


  1. Silver Rapids Waterpark Prime
  2. Snohomish Aquatic Center Pro/Am
  3. FlowRider Utah Prime
  4. Planet Hollywood Pro/Am
  5. The Cove Waterpark Pro/Am
  6. DropZone Waterpark Pro/Am

#4, #5 & #6 won’t affect Regional Team Implications at Nationals but will be added to the Final 2019 Regional Rankings


  1. Epic Waters Prime
  2. Hyatt Hill Pro/Am
  3. Liberty Lagoon Waterpark Pro/Am

South East

  1. Rapids Water Park Prime
  2. H20BX Waterpark Prime
  3. Solara Resort Pro/Am

North East

  1. Flow House Wildwood Prime
  2. Flow House LBI Prime
  3. Camel Back Lodge Pro/Am

 National Championships

  1. Waterville USA

 More details:

 What’s the difference between a Pro/Am and a Prime?

 All FlowRider® FLOW Tour competitions, both Pro/Am and Prime, are vital to the growth of the sport and attraction; playing a critical role in the big picture

The Prime events have National Point allocations, guaranteed prize money for the Pro Divisions and offer a golden ticket invitation for a seeded slot into the National Championship competition present by hosted by Waterville USA, Alabama August 17th.

 PRIME event results will be combined, dropping your lowest two results, in respects to determining your overall US Tour Rankings and seeded slot into the National Championship event at the end of the season.

 When a rider wins a PRIME event (in any division), rider will qualify and earn an invite for the National Championship event! However, please note that competitor must be a registered FLOW Tour Member for 2018 to qualify.

The rider with the most amount of points prior (top 5 results) to the National Championship will be crowned the US FLOW Tour Division Champion. These competitors will be awarded the number one seed in their respected division for the Final scoring competition of the season,

potentially earning them the easiest route to a US FLOW Tour National Championship Title for 2018!

 The remaining seeded slots (2-8 in each division), winners from the Prime Events, will be determined by your final Overall Tour Standings in 2018. Again, dropping the two lowest results.

The WINNER of each division at the National Championship event will be the US FLOW Tour National Champion.

The National Champions will have an increased Pro Prize and will also be worth DOUBLE POINTS VALUE. Attending this event is significant because it could make or break your overall tour season rankings.

 Why are the National Championships worth double points you ask? It’s due to the WIN AND YOU’RE IN format. The format pre-qualifies the best of the best from around the country and constructs a top tier competition! Don’t miss this event and bring you A game because this allows the opportunity for someone to come from behind and win the National Championship or earn a spot on TEAM USA.

Adam will be the event coordinator for Prime events; depending the on location and scheduling will determine if Chris Granone is available to be onsite. Feel free to reach out directly for more information.

In regards to Qualifying for Team USA, each competitors’ Final Tour Rankings, plus Nationals Results (double points) = TEAM USA and earn the top seeded slots for FlowRider World Flowboarding Championship! In addition, REGIONAL FLOW TEAM REPRESENATIVESAUTOMATICALLY QUALIFY FOR WFC MAIN EVENT AND EARN A PAID AIRFARE TICKET.

The Pro/Am events are aimed to encourage local riders and competitors to engage with their home waves and surrounding FlowRider venues. These are great events to gain competition experience and hang out with your favorite flowboarders. There will be nearly a dozen Pro/Am competitions and events around the United States!

Pro/Am events offer point value towards your FLOW Regional Rankings but there is no guaranteed prize money for the Pro Divisions.

The Pro prize purse is optional for hosting venues and sponsors. However, there will be awards and prizes up for grabs so stay social with @FLOWTour and check event pages as season starts.

Also, something to keep in mind for this season is that winning a Pro/Am event does not qualify you for a seeded slot at US Nationals, only winning a PRIME event does.

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