Group Photos (2014-1015)

The FlowRider simulated surfing attractions provides the perfect wave at the push of a button and allows riders to perform controlled but risky maneuvers on the wave in a controlled and consistent environment, but that isn’t the only thing that attracts flowboarders to the waves and events.

The FlowRider FLOW Tour travels the globe to crown it’s regional (US, Europe, Asia) and World Champions. But aren’t all the waves the same? Surprisingly, no. FlowRider attractions are built to a scale but there are various factors that may be different from one location to another. For instance,┬áthe speed and flow of the water, steepness of the wave and size of the wave (Single, Double, Triple). In order to be the best, you have to beat the best, on any given wave.

“Each year flowboarders get excited for the release of the FlowRider FLOW Tour schedule and can’t wait to plan their summer expeditions” explains Adam Muller, FLOW Tour Coordinator.

The FLOW Tour provides competitors the opportunity to ride a number of FlowRider attraction located in various venues around the world. Whether you are riding indoors, carving through the mountains of Utah, cruising the boardwalk on the Jersey Shore, surfing the beaches of California or sliding through water parks, there is always opportunities for fun and it’s a great experience.

Sure the competitions are the main reason but more importantly the traveling experience, visiting friends you’ve made over the years and the chance to ride/compete with flowboarders from all around the world is why we really save our money, take of work and skip other obligations in order to make sure we don’t miss an event, no matter where FLOW (Flowboarding League Of the World) may take us.

With that being said, we are throwin’ it back and reminiscing on the recent events. Above you will find a gallery of group photos taken in 2014 and 2015 to remember the real reason we travel, compete and ride the FlowRider. Our Flow Family.

See ya on the wave!