H2OBX Recap and Results

The Outer Banks of North Carolina are notorious for attracting monster waves in the ocean and breeding talented ocean surfers and bodyboarders, some who have even gone professional over the years.

However, having ride-able waves in the ocean is not a 365 days a year deal on the coast of the Carolinas.  Water sport enthusiasts still always crave adrenaline with no way to get their aqua fix – until now!

H2OBX waterpark, themed with classic North Carolina beach architecture with a pinch of pirate, is NOW OPEN.  The brand new park includes the popular FlowRider wave simulator that is ready to provide a consistent wave for Outer Banks folks to say wet, cool, wild and crazy whenever they want!

To kick things off and get the water flowing, so to speak, H2OBX Water Park welcomed flowboarders from all over the country to their Inaugural FLOW Tour competition this past Saturday.

“What an awesome day!” reports Event Coordinator and FLOW (Flowboarding League Of the World) representative, Chris Granone.

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“This is a perfect place for a FlowRider,” explains Adam Muller, FLOW Tour manager. “The surf community will for sure rally over to H2OBX when the waves are flat.  These people are always looking for the next adrenaline rush, so they are stoked!” he went on to explain.

Muller and the team behind installing the FlowRider Double attraction were absolutely right.  With a solid 35+ riders showing up to ride, the competition ended up requiring advancement rounds and extra ride time for almost every division.

“It was a lot of fun!” mentioned Flow Blogger, Todd Marks. “Very cool to see a lot of raw talent and enthusiasm at this new park,” Mr. Flow Blogger added.

Todd recently earned a FLOW Tour title and is the current US FLOW Tour Master’s Bodyboard Champion and avid competitor.  He is always encouraging other Masters to participate and constantly making friends on and off the wave all around the country.

Masters final…old skool flow! Thanks @h2obxwaterpark @worldclassbodyboards fer a epic event! #flowtour17

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Todd’s son Jeremey, “The Rider from South Carolina,” is quickly making a name for himself in the flow scene after winning the US FLOW Tour Jr. Bodyboard title and making the jump into the Pro class.

Looking back at the exciting day, it was an excellent first-year event, so we are confident that a solid local rider base will bloom pretty rapidly from this region.  Awesome and inspiring riding by flowboarders in all divisions across the board!  Be sure to stay social and follow the OBX FlowGang to keep up to date on the community in NC!

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Huge shout out and much appreciation goes out to the hosting venue, H2OBX, and their staff, Leah Crib and AJ Stack and the entire support staff – their efforts and excellent work made this FLOW competition a huge success.  We look forward to bringing the action back to the Outer Banks and continuing to the grow the flow around world!

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