How do you Waboba?!

Go With The Flow & Keep Life Fun – Waboba Trick shot contest #WabobaTricks

Waboba, a proud sponsor of the FlowRider® FLOW Tour, is busy supporting flowboarders worldwide for the 2018 season is Keeping Life Fun and offering up some prize backs to those who are active and social.

Waboba began in Sweden with the invention of the “ball that bounces on water” and has since bounced all across the globe, turning human beings (and sometimes dogs) into Waboba addicts – also known as Wabobians.

“It’s right up my alley for something fun to do,” explains FLOW Tour coordinator, Adam Muller. “Not only are they a great fit for waterparks, Waboba also makes other unique and exciting products that will keep you and your friends busy for hours!” Muller adds.

If you haven’t scored one of these ridiculously fun and innovated products in your FLOW Tour prize packs from the first two events of the season, there’s plenty more to be had! If you already have the products, we don’t need to explain how fun they are, but we do want to encourage you to bring your favorite ball to the Utah Leg from June 13-16th!

For those FLOW Tour member competitors who sign up online before Tuesday for at least 2 of the 3 competitions next week, will get a FREE Waboba ball to keep and use for their efforts in the trick shot contest! Click here to sign up; pay when you arrive at the contests.

During the Utah leg of FLOW Tour competitions, there will be a Waboba Trick Shot competition, on and off the wave. Flowboarders, friends, family and spectators are welcome to join the action and show us how you Waboba! #WabobaTricks

Simply, grab a Waboba ball, record your trick shots and post on social media. Now, don’t make it too simple, because everyone else will be trying to one-up your trick shot. You will of course need to tag @flowboarders and @waboba to complete your entries & to make absolute sure we see your entries for a chance to win Waboba products and more swag from our official FLOW tour Sponsors. And, yes, you read that correctly, ‘entries’ – you can enter as many times as your little heart desires. Use the hashtag #WabobaTricks for a chance to win and be a featured post!

What are we looking for exactly? How do you win? Well, you have a couple chances to win, read below for more contest details:
1. On the wave trick shot. Perform and complete a trick shot while riding the FlowRider attraction. You can be standing still, carving or doing a radical trick… get creative but remember the ball must bounce at least once to qualify to be a winner.

2. Off the wave trick shot. Perform and complete a trick shot anywhere, anytime (during the Utah FLOW Tour leg competitions, upload and tag. Don’t forget, the ball still has to bounce at least one time to be considered.

Be sure to get your entries in and tag away during the Utah FLOW Tour leg June 12-17th for your chance to win! Don’t forget to tag, share and like the social pages because @Flowboarders and @waboba will be teaming up to select the winning trick shots!


Check out some trick shots here: