LFF Pro Flowboarding Competition (Online)

Left Foot Forward presents a Pro Flowboarding Online Competition


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Left Foot Foward (LFF) flowboarding brand, developed in Asia, has started an Online Flowboarding video competitions and is opening up to flowboarders all over the world. On a daily basis we seen video clips of flowboarding, riders going big or trying new tricks, and there is a saying “If you don’t have it on film, it didn’t happen” , so go out there, capture you clips and win some money!

Flowboarders will pay a registration fee$20 entry fee to LFF to be added to the roster for a chance to win $100 USD. We also hear there is more excitement down the line and bigger prizes, so get your entries in show your flow!

Starting with a bowl of 20 Tricks, a random selection will be made over a live feed to determine which maneuver the competitors will perform and attempt to complete.


Once a trick has been selected, flowboarders will have 48 hours to perform, land and capture the trick on video for submission. Video submissions will be e-mailed (leftfootforwardasia@gmail.com) or private messaged directly to LFF representatives via social media accounts.

In addition, we highly encourage you to upload your video links under the video tab and share your flow category. You can do that here: https://www.flowboarders.com/submit-your-video/

The online video competition was “created to keep riders on their feet and continue to progress in the off season for the upcoming FLOW Tour competitions” explains LFF owner, Vincent Stevenson Gonzalas.

Here at FLOWBOARDERS.com we are all about progressing the sport and growing the flow, so we quickly jumped on board in support of this Pro Flowboarding Online Competition and look forward to seeing all the video submissions.

More Details:

Register with LFF from 01/01 – 07/01 to enter for a chance to win $100USD & A champion t-shirt (not available for sale).

08/01 There will be live Stream on LFF Facebook Page of the Random Trick chosen from a bowl of 20 tricks.

Stay Social and be sure to follow the most recent competition submission dates!