Logan Lideman: Going Pro

Going Pro

2016 Men’s Flowboard USA FLOW Tour Champion, Logan Lindeman, is going Pro!

Following the FlowRider® FLOW Tour consistently for several seasons, Logan has grown into a FLOW Tour veteran and will be a force to reckon with this season in the Pro Flowboard Division. Over the past two years, Logan as earned himself a 2015 Junior (13-17) and 2016 Men’s (18+) Flowboard USA FLOW Tour Title.

According to FLOW (Flowboarding League of the World) regulations, when a rider wins the Overall Men’s  Division (18+) FLOW Tour title (flowboard or bodyboard), the rider is required to bump up into the Pro Divisions the following year.

Another rule in the official rule book states “Riders that accept prize money for 1st through 4th place and/or points will remain in the Pro division for the remainder of a season, forfeiting any future amateur points.”  Logan has done just that in the last two seasons.  The opportunity to declare professional status as a Junior and Men’s division competitor is noteworthy and definitely cool, but Logan wanted to ride the line of collecting top titles and really challenging himself.

Due to editor error and simply overlooking the facts, Logan was left off the WHO TO WATCH: Pro Flowboarders list that we recently shared (click link).  Ironically, he prefers it that way anyway.  When that list was published, riders, friends and family members were commenting in support for their favorite flowboarders while Logan remained quiet and humble.  He is 100%  fine with flying under the radar.

“I enjoy the challenge, so I decided to step up my game and really push myself to become a better, more consistent rider,” mentions Logan.  “I also wanted to prove, not only to myself, but also my supportive family and peers that I could hold my own,” he added.  Even though it may seem like Logan enjoys flying under the radar, he signs up for as many divisions as he can when entering a FLOW Tour competition, including Pro.

“I was on a mission.  I wanted to secure a national title for both the Junior and Men’s Division while I was eligible,” he shared when we asked why he didn’t accept prize money and remain in the Pro division after reaching the podium.

This season will be different, Logan won’t have a choice.  He will be taking on the best flowboarders in the nation on flowboarding’s premier tour.

“I plan to take on the Pros.  Hopefully I will podium in a majority, if not all, of the competitions I enter,” Logan added when we started talking to him about the 2017 season.

We look forward to watching Logan perform on the FlowRider wave machines all around the country this summer.  He is always spreading good vibes and representing the sport and attraction in a positive manner.

When Logan isn’t following the FLOW Tour or shredding him home waves in Utah (FlowRider Utah, Provo Beach, Lindon Aquatics Center), he is usually snowboarding, detailing his car or grabbing some fresh air on a hike or mountain adventure. Stay social and follow Logan’s journey, on and off the waves!

Check out some footage of Logan over the years below: