Looking ahead – FLOW Tour 2020

Looking ahead to US FlowRider FLOW Tour 2020

With the upcoming FlowRider FLOW Tour World Flowboarding Championships about to go down at the end of October in South Korea-  behind the scenes, Flowboarding League Of the World (FLOW) Organizers have “20/20 vision” and are getting a jump start on planning the 2020 US schedule, but we need you help flowboarders!

Getting everything organized is not easy; it’s hard to make everyone’s schedules line up, but we want to get information out  to flowboarders as soon as possible can plan their summer accordingly. With about 75 domestic FlowRider locations, we want to know, where do you want to flow! 

With few slots available on the PRIME Tour Schedule and less Official Pro/Am events next season, be sure to check out the post on the FLOW Tour Facebook page and tag your favorite venues to let your voice be heard!

Stay Social & See ya on the Wave!

Potential 2020 Venue Locations: TBD